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Tripster was started in June 1999 by a group of friends with a love for music and travel. For seven special summers, friends from all over the globe converged at "Sputnik" beach near Enoshima to enjoy a special soundtrack to the sea.

Tripster have worked together on a variety of projects including the Sputnik: Whole Life Catalogue, the Psychedelic Garage warehouse parties, the Teqnicolor Sound record label and the Tripster bus tour of Japan.

This show is programmed by mx and showcases some of the music making our world go around. Catch Tripster in their latest configuration as the "Mild Bunch Soundsystem" in and around Tokyo....



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Tripster Presents Workshop Sounds

Tripster Presents Workshop Sounds

Only seven releases down the road, Workshop has quickly gained recognition worldwide with its cryptic transmissions and analog aesthetic. Started in 2006 by Jens Kuhn (aka Lowtec), Workshop releases have featured many of Germanys key artists including Move D, Kassem Mosse, Even Tuell and Sascha Dive.

Tripster proudly presents mixes from two of Workshop's key operatives: the "futurepastpresent" mix from Lowtec and a timeless collection of personal favorites recorded by Even Tuell over ten years ago (on cassette tape). Sit back and enjoy.

Tripster presents Workshop | Even Tuell

  • Electronica
  • Crossover
  • Deep
  • 1h 19m