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Ten 12 Records

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Ten 12 Records
Ten 12 Records is an independent, offshore music label that produces and markets self-mastered recording artists from around the world. Rather than focusing on genre, Ten 12 focuses on the artist's chosen audio aesthetic and environment. Ten 12 is most interested in artists who have found their own sound derived from their unique production process.

The result is music with geographic spice, grainy orignality and an aesthetic that transcends genre. Ten 12 artists are fully connected to and accountable for their sound and final production.



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Ten 12 Records Presents Dr Watch - House of HOVA

Ten 12 Records Presents Dr Watch - House of HOVA

Led Zeppelin was creating hypnotic beats far before the time of Marley Marl, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre and The Neptunes. Rick Rubin tapped into this early with the Beastie Boys, but never delved deep enough into the Zeppelin catalog to truly capture their soul.

Turnstylz mastermind, Dr. Watch, has decided that there is no time like the present to showcase what John Bonham, John-Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant really had cooking in that devil's kitchen.
Mix the boombastic beats and rhythms of Zeppelin with one of Jay-Z's best collection of rhymes and what you get is Dr. Watch's, "Houses Of The H.OV.A."!!
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