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The Spector Sessions
"...You Spark a Wire in My Soul!"
Spector - Elektrify 2005

The word 'Spector' has developed a new branch of definition, a new foundation of meaning spawned from the murky underground of the U.K s electronic dance scene. From James Bond bad guys to the evil spirits of the macabre, the word conjures up many a different image, but all of them immovable; something illusive and something awe inspiring. Now, it also represents a neoteric adventure in audio, a compound of all that ever rocked you and all that ever will; a retrospective electronic journey into the future - Spector the band.

An essential blend of Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Funk and Soul, Spector culminate in a collective sound that re-defines these genres instead of laying temporary homage to all of their commercial viabilities. A churlish brag I hear you cry, but all this is firmly implanted by sturdy upbringings in the moody confines of Newcastle's clubland - an unavoidable hotbed of seedy glitz and all things funky. Add to this, their natural gift for making music that kicks you in the teeth before asking you your opinion and an image of an impressive musical experience is complete.

So what can these boys display to back all this up - well...their first ever vinyl pressed into production, a remix of premier league DJ Dave Seaman's most recent single, was released to huge critical acclaim and is featured on a Ministry of Sound compilation. Then they're three debut twelve's are all signed within two months of each other, leaving a trail of three upcoming releases on three different labels, each representing a different mood to the Spector stone.

First up will be 'Lawless', released on Nascent imprint 'Apache'; a tune that demands due attention for its dark, dingy grooves and snarling melodies. Secondly, will come 'Elektrify', signed to 'Forensic' records, one of the, if not the, most respected house imprints in the business. The record in question however is the funkiest, dirtiest breaks track you will ever here; a sign of respect from the Lexicon Ave/Shindig boys if ever there was one. Lastly, will come 'Club', signed to dark house label 'Intrinsic'; a tune that harks back to when 'trance' meant trance, not 136 bpm noose bleed hook lines and obvious off beat basslines - basically, a record that has 4am written all over it. Altogether a vast kaleidoscope of club fodder, I'm sure you'll agree.

But who are Spector - they're John Elliott, [a musician, a singer and a producer] and John Paul Denton, [a DJ, a promoter and a producer.] Both aged 25 and have been in the business for nine years in one shape or another, be it working for Global Underground, touring with big name DJs or a rock band or making records that destroy the dancefloor. Another factor that stands these guys in good favour is that, on different sides of the musical fence, [one being Dance one being Bands], the guys grew up being intertwined with all of the stalwarts that occupy your CD racks right now - so from the Stereophonics to Sasha and from Steve Lawler to the Super Furry Animals they were there and sold/stole the T-Shirt. So there is an entwined collective knowledge and experience here, second only to that of the Borg, being injected into every tune that the band makes.

So what now for Spector - well the infamous 'Spector Sessions' for one - a new monthly radio slot on the infamous After the rapturous response of Sector Sessions 1.0, with syndications coming from all over the globe, Samurai had the good sense to pin the guys down to a regular show. So now once a month you will be treated to one hour of madness, that so far has traversed offerings from Kylie to Led Zeppelin, stoked the dance floor fuels of Marvin Gaye and Kasabian and all the while taking in the sites and sounds of dancefloor regulars Evil 9 and Ethan. A service that Spector will continue to provide for many months to come.

So, whatever your musical tastes, you will come across Spector, they're just one of those bands. Stay tuned for the radio show, keep your ears alert for the records and, to be honest, keep your eyes peeled for anywhere they may turn up, because when they do, you know that quality of entertainment can be assured and guaranteed.



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The Spector Sessions with DJ Spector

The Spector Sessions with DJ Spector

Over the past two years, many technological inroads have been made into giving the DJ the full power of the remix at his fingertips, live and ready to go. On this mix DJ Spector lets you hear all of them, all used at once and to devastating effect. Utilising the abilities of a couple of 'humble' CDJ1000s, a laptop running Ableton Live and the good old 'ones and twos', this mix is a frenetic mash of an amazing fifty plus tunes in a miniscule one hour. The audiological equivalent of fitting a square block in the triangle hole of a child's early learning centre! But here the DJ proves that, with the technology, anything is possible.

Hi-tech achievements aside, this mix really works. Traversing a huge number of genres with every deft mix, combining acapellas, on the spot edits, cuts and loops of music from the last 40 years into an audio collage of sounds and grooves sure to move anyone's spirit and feet. You will be able to count the number of tunes you can hear in their original format on the fingers of one hand, due to the fact that the technical wizardry on display here, provides you with a soundscape of music so thick that brand new tracks are born out of the sum of their parts.