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I guess it started back in 2008. I used to think electronic music was a novelty until i started really listening to it. My mind and my life was forever changed. I played guitar for a long time before that and i was searching for something different something unique and i found that with electronic music. Ive been programming my music since that point forward. I like to think its evolving. I take this music very seriously and play it with my heart. I hope i can inspire you and Ive been listening to for a long time i am huge fan of this site i hope you enjoy my mixes!!!



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spOOking Up uR hallOwEEn!!!

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  • 0h 36m
Here is a mix of new things i did for a halloween show. Feturing new mixes of classic spooked songs along with new songs and remixes of horror movies i very much enjoy so, listen and get spOOked!!!!

spOOked "GangBanging"

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  • 0h 33m
spOOked's album "GangBang" is an adventure into the "8-bit" sound. This is a mixture of songs off the debut album!! Please go to to DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FOR FREE!!!!
Here's a mash up of Spooked tracks. Some of these tracks will be on the upcoming spooked album "gangbang" coming out this fall off Smoking Mirrors Records!!!