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Philosophy of the label is it, to drive the 'oldschoolrail' again, to support the market with qualitatively high-quality Tracks. The Main concept: in each regular release 4 Tracks of the same dispatching category, as well as an 'artwork' without rules. but Renamed is each kind of Groove.



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dj smur live@p-base 30-08-2008

  • House
  • Techno
  • Electro
  • 1h 57m
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only own tracks
live improvised acid liveact. improvised from 0: i was called to make a set on bfb radio because the act that should make music wasnt there. Part 1 (the first hour) wassnt recorded. part 3 and 4 comes up.
liveact, just 30 mins....
gabber/hardcore liveact