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Raw Trax Records Radio

Fresh deephouse music!

  • Deep
  • Funky
  • House
  • Italy
Raw Trax Records Radio
Raw Trax records is a label based in Italy and has been built on the basics of House music, techouse, deep house.

Born in 2007 and it defines itself as a contemporary label with a family at heart keeping this close and significant to the labels origins but with this the Genovese basis allows them to experiment and in the years up until now it has attracted many producers and dj’s from all over the world in search of new and fresh waves.



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Sergio Collado is a deep techno and house DJ,born in Barcelona. The Frankfurt DJ has engaged since a young age in his passion for music.
At the age of 17, he began exploring the clubs of the Rhine / Main area with his friends and in 2009 he met Nici Frida, who by this time was already a well known DJ in Frankfurt clubs. So was Sergio Collado started to accompany him on all his performances.
Early in 2011, Sergio Collado decided to finally get behind the turntables and producing,receiving a very good feedback as he discovered his passion for electronic music.
Yes guyz another episode of our Radio show!!

This is not a podcast, but the mixed compilation of only tracks from the last Raw Elements Vol.2 released in July of 2014.
Mixed by Drop of Sound, a project shared by Anthony and Andrew, That two guys share a common passion for electronic music.
After experimenting different kinds of music they decided on deep / tech house vibes with Detroit and Chicago influences, groovy tracks privileging That Make Their sets powerful and captivating.
They started to produce music in Their Own, 2013, Which Resembles their live sets and since then they've been supported by many famous djs and producers.
We are proud to present this podcast mixed by Nici Frida and Sergio Collado, dark atmospheres, deep and raw as we like!
The collaboration between the German-Spanish duo based in Frankfurt, lasts a long time and with this podcast come into the family of Raw Trax Records, waiting for their ep "White Whiddow" in the coming months...
Jeremy Juno (1982, the Netherlands) started DJing when he was 14 years old.
During these years he developed a wide range of styles he likes to play.
All his influences got him into delivering Deep Soulful tunes which can easily flow into
Tech and Tribal House.
This variety can also be found in the tracks he has been releasing since mid 2008. With a
global imprint Jeremy Juno has released on several labels like Shelving Music (Argentina),
Taylor Made Recordings (the Netherlands), Colours Audio (UK) and Housepital Records
(the Netherlands).
For a full overview you check his Beatport page: (
Also don't forget to visit his Soundcloud page, which contains all upcoming releases:
A special dj set with forthcoming release of our label for this summer mixed by Am.
Aitor Aranguren Alonso (Zumárraga, 1992), professionally known as “Kizt”, is a Spanish producer and Co-Founder/Owner of “PSYcolectif” collective.

At the early age of 15-16, he started to feel attracted by Minimal-Techno sounds, but finally, because of his interest to achieve a different and personal music, he chose for more surround and underground sounds.

Kizt has never tried to be trapped in a specific sub-genre of Techno music, he has always tried to create innovative productions. Now the basis of his style is the Techno - House, although it has been influenced by a number of variables such as Deep-Underground brought from Eastern Europe like Marcus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu, Maximiljan, Chris Lattner...

The past year (2011), Kizt built with other partners (Garmen & Ralph) the group called "PSYcolectif".