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Plat Du Jour

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Plat Du Jour
Born in the Soulful Seaside resort of Southport, but sonically raised in Sheffield, DJ Slick Dixx started making proper trouble with co-conspiritors as diverse as Zombie Disco Squad, Kid Acne and Rogue State. He is an old-school die hard, in technique if not sound, and his switch to the Catalan coast has won him new fans and yet more converts to the Sacred Bassline. Combining 90s warehouse tracks with blog-techno and raggatronics, he has found his spiritual home on the Plat Du Jour roster, providing a sense of glitch alongside K**O's chops and the disco flips of C-Shell. Their onslaught of the Barcelona Bass Scene is to this day unabated and their new residency at Mondo will only upset the owners of that rather fine sound system!

Bear witness to the rise of Booty Farra!

The Plat du Jour monthly residency starts in March (second Saturday of the month).



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Plat Du Jour Presents Slick Dixx

Plat Du Jour Presents Slick Dixx

Stockport's slipperiest and finest, Slick Dixx, returns with his calm-before-the-storm Plat du Jour Mixx. Joined by the smooth and titty-talking Ominous K on the mic, he sails smoothly from old school hip hop to 'fuck you' baltimore, with some Swedish maaaing-hop thrown in along the way. And all for what? Why, in anticipation of this year's Plat du Jour Off-Sonar Spectacular, of course. This time the prolific crew are taking it double-decker. They will share one space with Brainfeeder - Flying Lotus is having a party and all of his musically-incredible friends are invited. The other space will be their own and they'll be joined by Mumdance, Jackmaster, One Man, Brackles and Reecha and they may well have a few surprise special guests of their own.

Soo, sit back, take a listen and call your friends to book some tickets before they all sell out....