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From this coming May 30th to June 3rd, the MUTEK festival will take over the city of Montreal for its 8th consecutive year and shake the foundations of the downtown core with the rhythmic undercurrents of electronic music and mutations in digital creativity. A headline event highly respected within the international scene, MUTEK has the distinguished pleasure of kick-starting a festival season in Montreal filled with great events.

More than one hundred artists will converge upon Montreal from four corners of the world to stimulate and astonish audiences with their artistic talents and aesthetic inspiration. Five days of adventure and discovery, numerous headliners (Rhythm & Sound, Mathew Jonson, My My, Matthew Dear, Gui Boratto, Michael Mayer, Heartthrob, to name a few) rubbing shoulders with emerging artists, more than 80 indoor and outdoor performances, 28 of which are Canadian or North American premieres: the program for this new MUTEK mould was carefully elaborated, orchestrated as always by the desire to present the festival as an enriching and unforgettable experience.

The A\VISIONS Series: Digital Creativity of All Forms:

A\VISIONS 1, dedicated to the burgeoning digital art forum known as Live Cinema, will bring together three internationally renowned artists who specialize in the articulation of sound and images in the context of live performance: Randy Jones (US), Clinker(Edmonton), Boris & Brecht Debackere (Belgium) and Semiconductor (UK). A special showcase dedicated to the cutting edge of experimental film.

A\VISIONS 2 showcases an evening of classical music for the digital age. Working through both minimalism and melody, Colleen (France) revives the viola de gamba, a 7-string ancestor to the cello, which has inspired her most recent compositions. Accompanying visuals created by creative partner and experimental filmmaker aAron Munson, Mark Templeton (Edmonton) plays, samples, and dissects a variety of string instruments as he builds his white-noise requiems. Hauschka (Germany) is a classically trained pianist who manipulates the instrument's interior to produce indelible piano pieces that sound at once familiar yet disarming.

A\VISIONS 3 is dedicated to the purveyors of drone music: experiments in sound, tone, pitch, harmony, and atmosphere. Through a hypnotic medley of minimal dissonance, static, field recordings, and found sound, Jamie Drouin (Victoria) and Yann Novak (US) present their project, Auditorium, an architectural cycle of sound that uses the performance space as its source material. Meanwhile, Berlin's Robert Henke (also known as Monolake) will manipulate loops from a series of rudimentary Chinese sound-boxes known as Buddha Machines (back-to-basics ambient devices built by the sound-artist FM3), to explore the atmospherics of what we know as ambience. For admirers of insinuated experiences and drone music.

The NOCTURNE Series: A Panorama of Style:

NOCTURNE I brings together utterly unique musicians who specialize in electronic music's longstanding tradition of kitsch and surreal humour. While Montreal's Pero and The Electric Machine (Montreal) use children's toys to make adult dance music, France's O.Lamm and Gangpol Und Mit go one step further and make children's music out of a disparate palate of nursery rhymes, exotica, B-movies, and toys. Leave it to Candie Hank (Germany) to filter his playful tendencies through breakbeats, making mash-up compositions that gleefully throw questions at taste and tact.

NOCTURNE 2 highlights the best of the international dub-techno and dubstep scenes. As introduction, an ultra-rare set by living legends Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound) ' who appear here with their prized singer Paul St. Hilaire ' highlight Berlin's major contribution to the world of dub-techno, a genre that streamlines dub effects into minimal techno. Then, direct from the UK, rare North American appearances by Shackleton and Kode 9, two notable talents from London's dubstep scene, an innovative genre that fuses dub music with two-step, a more minimal offshoot of mid-90's drum & bass. An evening already highly anticipated by fans of the genre!

NOCTURNE 3 showcase will present a massive two-room party to kick-start the weekend. In the main room, several of today's best producers bring new band projects to the stage for an energetic showcase designed to celebrate the organic side of dance music. Hotly tipped Swiss producer Kalabrese and his Rumpelorchestra bring an innovative mix of techno and funk, while superstar DJ/producer Matthew Dear previews material from his new electronic pop album with his three-piece band, Big Hands. Montreal's The Mole keeps the evening rolling with his infectious brand of disco-soul, before joining forces mid-set with the inimitable Cobblestone Jazz (Vancouver), a three-man electronic jam band led by none of other than Mathew Jonson. Meanwhile, over in the Savoy Lounge, eight up-and-coming experimental electronic musicians from Japan, New York, Paris, and Montreal will build a strange and fanciful soundtrack for the curious: O.Blaat, Sawako, Chika, Bubblyfish, Glomag, Decrepticon, Mec, and I8U.

The festival centerpiece, NOCTURNE 4 is an all-night two-room party that features some of the biggest names in techno today. The line-up in the main room gets underway with the elegant and subtle techno of Pantha du Prince, followed by fellow German micro-house producer Jichael Mackson. Longtime fans of Cologne's Kompakt label will be treated to a rare North American triple bill next, featuring live sets by Matias Aguayo (Chile) and Roccness (Germany) ' together as Broke ' and the euphoric neo-trance of Gui Boratto. To top it all off, techno kingpin Michael Mayer, one of the world's biggest DJs, takes over the decks for a massive three-hour set to finish off the night. In the Savoy Lounge, four hotly tipped American producers keeps the beats to the floor for a more intimate kind of party, featuring Ambivalent, Miskate, Lee Curtiss, and Someone Else, and joined by Montreal's Pheek. Music goes till 6 a.m. so bring your dancing shoes!

The MUTEK//PIKNIC Series: The Spirit of Friendship Meets Outdoor Listening:

MUTEK//PIKNIC 1, a world-class line-up of micro-house and minimal techno on Saturday à 13h at Parc Jean Drapeau. San Francisco's producer-of-the-moment Claude VonStroke drops in for a sun-drenched DJ set, before handing the stage over to a live set from cross-continental duo Chic Miniature. The critically acclaimed My My are up next with their North American live debut, and then the sun will set to a stomping minimal techno DJ set by Matthew Dear's alter ego, Audion, who will prep audiences for one unforgettable Saturday night.

For Sunday afternoon, MUTEK//PIKNIC 2 lets loose a 10-hour music marathon that will run up until 11pm. The Beatport stage features a five-pack of jacking minimal techno from around the world. Beginning with Canada' own Jesse Somfay and his hypnotic brand of psychedelic techno, the afternoon then veers toward the new school of Swiss producers with the duo Digitaline, proteges of Luciano and his label Cadenza. A favourite from Richie Hawtin's m_nus label, New York's Heartthrob will pick up the pace with a set of jacking minimal techno. The, make room for the return of San Francisco's Sutekh, who appeared at the very first MUTEk back in 2000. A master of eclecticism, he is renowned for pulling one surprise out of the next. The Festival wraps up as dusk approaches with none other then the Wighnomy Brothers, reputedly the world's most sought after remix duo. If anyone can finish off a five-day festival with a bang, you know they can!

Hotel Godin, the Festival's Central Meeting Point:

A new partner for MUTEK this year, the Hotel Godin hosts CAFE ELECTRONIKA, a project presented in collaboration with Radio-Canada's For three days, this specially integrated space will serve as the convergence center for free performances live from across Canada. Over thirty producers from all across the country will collaborate via satellite (or internet) for three eight-hour sets, noon to 8pm, from Wednesday, May 30th, to Friday June 1st. Two options are open to the public to hear these performances: drop by the Hotel Godin for a peaceful afternoon of ambient listening, or check out all the action, via podcast, on

The Hotel Godin is equally proud to host the professional sector's DIGI_SECTION, presented by MOOG AUDIO. Returning with a new title this year, the professional segment offers an invigorating and incisive panel and workshop series ,dedicated to issues pertaining to electronic music and digital creativity, and organized jointly with partners incuding : Roland, Ableton, M-Audio, Digidesign and Modul8. A platform for discussion that has grown more successful with each passing year, DIGI_SECTION is an appointment not to be missed by the various craftsmen of the medium.



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Scape Presents Pole and Deadbeat Live @ Mutek 2006

Scape Presents Pole and Deadbeat Live @ Mutek 2006

In 1999 label founders Stefan Betke and Barbara Preisinger created ~scape: a fertile breeding ground for self-contained, self-confident music. With a healthy mix of spontaneous enthusiasm, precision and continuity ~scape endeavours to offer its artists more natural scope for exciting projects and creative excursions. From dub to jazzy electronica to hip-hop and techno - since its inception ~scape has remained on the move while staying true to its roots during the founders' eagle-eyed, loving search for those special talents.

˜scape hosted the final night of Mutek 2006, an unforgettable showcase presenting live concerts by Pole & Band (Zeitblom: bass, Hanno Leichtmann: drums), Deadbeat, Jan Jelinek and Mike Shannon feat. singer June and precussionist Tim Bones.

A legend in his own time, after many years of solo performances Pole started to work with a band for live concerts in 2005. His Mutek set is mainly presenting new and so far unreleased music.

Though perhaps best known for his previous excursions in deep blue digital dub, Deadbeat (Scott Monteith) has recently been treating audiences the world over to his own unique take on the bump and grind of Jamaican dancehall. Chalked full of new material, his Mutek set is an exciting sign of things to come.

Find here the sets of Pole & Band and Deadbeat. For all other Mutek sets, please go to the Samurai FM's Mutek special.

Photo by Miguel Legault