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“I spin the Black Circle since a long time and I wanted to offer anything else than my classical electro mix. “Welcome to my Galactic Vinyl Church”, it’s a travel through my boxes of Vinyl, through the time, through some influences, through the genres, through my vision of Electronic music, and I hope, with some soul. (Episode 21).

Why Vinyl? Because Vinyl is the Spirit of Deejaying, because it is the memory and the diversity of Music, because I want to be an human behind my turntables. I don’t want to sell my creativity to a digital brand, depend on it and its future options.
I want to have control and not be controlled.
Vinyl Culture, we are one!”
2x1210s - Numark 101 USB ... go bang or go home!
Something Global

Brisboys - 11 April 2014

  • House
  • Techno
  • Electronica
  • 1h 00m
Something Global Extra with Steve'Butch'Jones syndicated on radio stations around the world and available as a free podcast.

Season 5 Show 43 with Brisboys

If you're a producer/DJ and want to submit a track or mix for the show please send links to WAV format preferred.

All music included in the show is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks are available to download safely and legally. DONT STEAL MUSIC.
Alle Namen

Chill die Schildi [dj set]

  • Funky
  • Minimal
  • House
  • 1h 16m

SoulBrigada pres. Breakz Vol. 5

  • Breaks
  • Jazzy
  • Jazz
  • 0h 44m
Fifth installment of the "Breakz" Mixtape-series selected and mixed by SoulBrigada.
Feat. sixteen timeless jazzy Beats & Breaks. Dig this joint!

Download here:
EPM Music

EPM Podcast #55 | MGUN

  • Electronica
  • Techno
  • Electro
  • 0h 44m
Following Andrea Parker’s electronic extravaganza the next release in the EPM Podcast series takes things back to the heart of house with MGUN’s ‘This House is My Home Mix’. Showcasing the housier side of this talented young Detroit maverick as compared to his recent more techno FACT Mix we find the UR producer and DJ slicing and dicing his way through the likes of Kenny Dixon Jr., Aaron Smith, Cajmere, Louis Bell, MFON, Funktion feat. Colonel Abrams, Dirty Harry and more. The future is indeed in safe hands.

Having first emerged on the Wild Oats released Laygo My Faygo as part of NSNT PRJCT alongside Kyle Hall in 2010, Manuel Gonzales has found his own voice over the past few years. Resurfacing under the MGUN banner, Gonzales made an intensely rewarding full debut on Hall’s label with the cavernous deconstruction of techno that was Harmnear, and has subsequently struck alliances with some of the UK’s more interesting labels.

Released as 2012 drew to a close, The Upstairs Apt EP for Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid was equally a statement of the label’s intent to escape the mundane trappings of many a current UK house operation and another compelling display of Gonzales’ obvious talent. A further mark of the Detroit-based producer’s ascendancy arrives with The Near Future EP on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes label, turning out twenty minutes of wayward sonics and his recently released Resin EP for Don’t Be Afraid, ‘Some Tracks’ EP for Third Ear and remix of EPM artist Esteban Adame’s ‘Home Sick’ EP that builds upon his burgeoning reputation as much more than a one-dimensional house and techno producer.

EPM Podcast 55 - MGUN tracklist

MFON - My Piano
Sandi Castillo - Promise Me
DJ Tink Thomas - Get On Down
Priit Kirss - Midnite Emotions
Dirty Harry - New York Meltdown
Funktion feat. Colonel Abrams - As Quiet As It's Kept
Jazzy - Lonely
Kenny Dixon JR - Goes On
Aaron Smith feat. D'Bora - Going Round
PJ feat. Saxy - All I Can Give
Kamar - I Need You
Cajmere - Brighter Days
Louis Bell - Finger Fuk You can subscribe FREE to all of EPM’s podcasts via iTunes.

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