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YOUGA joined Passphrase Agentur in 2012. He was immersed in electronic music during his study abroad. After returning to China, he abandoned a steady job for promoting new rave party, and planned and organized a lot of dancing parties with friends. He also was the special guest DJ at variety of media and global events. The sound reputation and wide range of music styles made him very popular, being invited to perform at music festivals and important events in Beijing.

KONΞKT.AISA: Would you please introduce the music you brought here? And why did you choose them?

Youga: The music I brought here today is mostly something like European Techno and Techno House with some Acid. Actually I don’t want to take this set to a certain kinds of classification, I only want to show what was in my mind at that time. Maybe sometimes we are a little bit modularized.

KONΞKT.AISA: How could you get the music?

Youga: Mostly I listen to all kinds of music in the website like beatport RA traxsource juno. Some of the music are download for free, some are paid.

KONΞKT.AISA: Is there any different between music played on the radio and in the club? And how do you choose the music played in different situation?

Youga: Of course there are lots of different, you should consider more in you are going to play the music in the club. You should think how to move the audience fast, meanwhile you should keep the order of dancing floor. For example, when to start and and when to stop, when to make the people tilt and so on. It is free when you play the music on the radio.

KONΞKT.AISA: In choosing the music, what would you consider of?

Youga: Its functionality, timbre, fabrication, and weather it has enough sense of tableau or not. Of course the music should be in my aesthetic.

KONΞKT.AISA: As a professional DJ, how could you control your emotion while playing the music?

Youga: If I am in the club I will keep myself clear, that’s why I hardly drink. Or you will be high but guests not, that’s not good. Also I usually walk around the court before the performance to check the audio work and observe audience’s action. When you step in the stage, you should observe more. You should not be too anxious, we are not EDM. You should be patient, and play with the music in dancing floor.

KONΞKT.AISA: The skill of using EQ is normal but important. What do you think of HF MF and LF?

Youga: First of all, you should listen to the music you have played. Because of the PA system in each club is not the same, the EQ of every music in Mixer is also different. So you have to change the parameter of your equipment to achieve the expected effect such as fast cut and smooth transition. That’s all depend on the situation of the dancing floor.

KONΞKT.AISA: Do you use Effector or any other devices? And what kinds of effector will you choose?

Youga: Tape Delay, Delay T3+Fliter, Echo, Reverb, Gater are usually used.

KONΞKT.AISA: What is the different between playing music with computer software, record player and CDJ player? Which will you choose and why?

Youga: Computer is convenient and modularization. Editing and choosing music is more convenient than other devices but it seems boring to play with computer for more than 4 hours. CDJ and record player can both make you really control you music. As for me, I prefer digital record player for its’ excellent portability and cost-effective.

KONΞKT.AISA: Could you please introduce your device carefully and the reason you chose them?

Youga: My devices are Mac Book Pro+NI Audio8+NI X1+Technics SL-1200MK3D+Pioneer700. These devices work well at a reasonable cost, and they can meet the demand of club and parties.

KONΞKT.AISA: What do you think of digital music?

Youga: First I want to say, it is not the point what is the music carried by. In my opinion, digital musical is a trend of the trade as technology develops so fast. In the same time, digital musical makes being a DJ easier, and gives youths more chance to become a DJ at a reasonable cost. It is good to let DJ become.

KONΞKT.AISA: Do you use SYNC? And what do you think of that?

Youga: SYNC, the enhancer of the DJ. It is a great function but it can’t syncing songs perfectly. And all the songs can’t play with the beat automatically. For me, I neither use it initiatively nor do I reject it.

KONΞKT.AISA: How to become a DJ? Could you share your experience with us?

Youga: As an old saying goes, you can’t live on without money. So first of all you have to get a job. That’s essential. Loving music, willing to share music with others, liking dancing music, parties and clubs are also important. And then you should know why do you want to be a DJ, this will influence your career after being a DJ. For example if you want to become a resident DJ, you are supposed to seek discipleship from a master. And learning by heart, that’s the shortcut.

After that you can start to choose your equipment. It is not necessary to buy high price equipment, instead, buy something that suit you. Then you should listen to large amount of music and watch lots of videos to get familiar with them.

You should go to the party frequently to gain experience from other DJs.

You should communicate more with others, and invite them to your party. It is the fast way to establish business relationship with clubs.

If you do these suggestions over and over, success belongs to you.

There is a shortcut. To take part in talent shows. The booking will come to you if you become famous.

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