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Here's Ferry's latest 1 hour mix, Ferry's Fix, also available for stations to broadcast - contact r...@dancetherapy.nl - also contact me about Ferry's weekly show - Corsten's Countdown - the world's only interactive EDM radio show

Sound Kleckse Radio Show 0076.2 - Jens Mueller - 12.04.2014
Apparel Music Radio show is happy to present Kerem Akdag!
The story began, when Kerem bought his first drumsticks and started to play drums. At the beginning, he generally listened and played funk, blues tracks.Also, he performed with several local bands on festival stages in Istanbul. When his high school period, Kerem started to produce his own tracks and generally, his influences were soulful and hip-hop music. 
After that period; he applied to “Miller Music Factory Contest” which was one of the biggest electronic music contest in Turkey, when he was 18 and his production won “Electronic Music Production” title. His music carreer changed quiet attractively after this sucess and he started to work and cooperate with Kaan Duzarat who is one of the strongest producer and live performer in Istanbul's local area and be a part of Vesvese crew which has been operated by Kaan Duzarat. Kerem's influences a bit changed on that period and he started to listen and produce house music. His first EP called “A Good Play” has been released by London based house imprint Apparel Music on 2013 with a stong supports like Shur-i-Kan, Osunlade, Dubfire and many more... After his first precious release; live performances started to increase local club's crowd and Kerem's name known by many club addicts.
Sensorial House Section

Sensorial House Section # 99 24-04-2014

  • House
  • Balearic
  • Disco
  • 1h 00m
Sensorial House Section with Nico Heinz & Fabio De Magistris
Hello again you lovely listener,

Thie is the podcast of my 2-hour long 'Mixed Bag Show' first played on Jazz Funk Soul Radio (www.jfsr.co.uk) on Monday 21 April 2014.

The usual selection of salsa, soul, Latin and jazz is to be heard, and if you get to listen to all or part of it, I hope that you enjoy.

DJ Hughie

Email: djhu...@jfsr.co.uk
Website: www.djhughie.co.uk
The Coast Radio

The Coast Radio 5.3

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  • 0h 33m
Everything Jazz and More Show every Sat. featuring *Indie Musicians in Contemporary Jazz*
Visit our site for more http://thecoastradio.blogspot.com
Andrea Fiorino

Andrea Fiorino Mastermix #356

  • House
  • New
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  • 1h 01m
A 60 minutes long mix show presented by one of the most renowned Czech house music DJs and broadcast on more than 30 radio stations worldwide. For the details check WWW.FIORINO.DJ

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- mixtape 000 - c // MundoCaco.com

  • Ambient
  • Deep
  • Cosmic
  • 1h 07m
so broken.
Something different ... more melodic. Exclusive Vinyl Mix for Samurai.fm. (Available in 2 weeks on other platforms.)

The kids call this deep house nowadays --- but it aint. Lets call it "new deep house" :-)

To The Max

  • Funk
  • 1h 01m
Remix ( by DJ Foefur )


  • Techno
  • 0h 58m
Techno set
Simon Harrison's Basic Soul Radio Show

21-04-2014 - Basic Soul Radio Show

  • Soul
  • Eclectic
  • Crossover
  • 2h 00m
This week's basic soul radio show includes a mix up of soul, electronica, beats, boogie, house plus lost more….