Sound Kleckse Radio Show 0075.2 - Jens Mueller - 05.04.2014
Sensorial House Section

Sensorial House Section # 98 17-04-2014

  • House
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  • Balearic
  • 1h 00m
Sensorial House Section with Nico Heinz & Fabio De Magistris
Hello everybody! This is the new episode of "Free Flow Music Dance Show" hosted by Max Mikheev & Anton Guzalo. We represent you some best house and techno tracks from huge world of electronic music. As we know it of course. There are some new cool stuff inside, and some tracks that was time-tested. Hope you like it. Enjoy :)
Ok guys n gals , here's my show which was originally broadcast LIVE on on Saturday 12/04/14 9pm - Midnight !!
dom duchamp


  • Hip-Hop
  • Electronica
  • Dirty
  • 1h 56m
Tip of the hat. New show ready to fly the nest & as always Sam FM gets it first. It’s 45 and this month I’m chuffed to say it’s me and the stellar Ritchrd on selector duties.

The DL will up on the 15th over on the Soundcloud page and the whole shebang will be up by then at adtrax HQ with goodies.

So its me 1st, then Ritchrd then a bit more me.

We kick off the show with some exceptional bittersweet courtesy of Long Arm ft I.V.A & drum collaborator Ruslan G. It’s an incredible thing but sadly it’s been released because it’s the only surviving song off Long Arm's next album for Project Mooncircle that was lost last month! Get it, mourn it, I swear when I heard that had happened a tear came out my eye.
Looking forward to the new Apollo Brown instrumental album ‘Thirty Eight’ due on Mello Music soon. Apollo without tired rappers is always a treat. We got the sneak ‘The Answer’ which is heavily on the DJ Shadow tip.
If you don’t like Green Assassin Dollar, you might wanna stop listening to ADTRAX for a bit. Two more belters from three new projects turned out this month. I would have put more on but I felt mancrush ashamed.
What else, 2 tracks featuring rapper Oliver the 2nd, the guest spot on the beatless Jonwayne Annie-Mac freebie and in tandem with Jeremiah Jae on the Ka-esque ‘Survival’.
There are 2 tracks from label to watch Rap Vacation’s Family Jams Vol.1. Proper excited about this splinter cell of fractured nextnuss.
2, lots of 2’s, from the corkin new DIBIASE ‘Excuse the Tape Hiss’ EP. One from the quality De La Dilla tribute beattape, always nice to see some Dilla tributes that don’t suck.
Kickdrums and ‘tronics from a number of directions including some nice electrictech from datassettes excellent record for R&S, an ace Zapp-monstrous cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings Of You’ by Chromadadata, biggun from Pomo, an all build-up piece of happiness from the man-of-the-mo Leon Vynehall and lots of other shiny things to caw about.

Sandwiched in between that lot is a proper pearl of where-it’s-at courtesy of San Fran’s Ritchrd.
Been an absolute pleasure getting to know this dude a little bit over the course of the month. When I approach people about doing guest slots for the show, I am always saying ‘just do what ever you want, do something creative, something that feels like you.’ Well mission accomplished. Now you are able to hear what a nitrazepam disco ball of 5% tint hip hop energy unleashed through malfunctioning future music technology sounds like. Need a break from your waking nightmare of capitalist realism? Been waiting 25 years for a new World Class Wreckin’ Cru album? Yes, thought so, then spark one up and clear the decks for this perfectly paced bit of right-on featuring SENSEI HIMSELF, Culp, BOLO YEUNG, XXYYXX and a shtload more with, gasp, 3 poison-umbrlla-top-secret rubs from the man hisself.

All of Ritchrd’s new music is delivered through Soundcloud and Bandcamp so I advise you to go and press follow on those because there is compelling evidence to suggest there is going to be something with a yield-to-weight ratio of 6 megatons appearing on those web addresses in the next year or so. If you haven’t already been bumping the little bit too good MAGICHATBOY joint from a couple of months ago, stop being silly, and make that happen. You want drum lessons, you can get them by listening to the track ‘thousand' on his SC page.

If you want to get to know more about this mysterious night creature, then well good luck to ya, he doesn’t really do self-hype, although a twitter follow will provide you with some political leanings, some witticisms and a koan or two, or you could check the adtrax page in the next week or so for a lil something something.


Next month, vurr happy to say homie Blameful Isles (Honks Burry) will be providing guest action. Gonna be a deep one.

Enjoy. Lv lv Duchamp.
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A show created by Dj Mistri, who is based here in Ipswich Town, England. He is not to be confused with the Dj based in London, also called Dj Mistri. I'm from Ipswich town, England.

I have created another Electric Soul Show that is geared towards the playing of Modern and contemporary black music styles of music for anyone and everyone AROUND THE WORLD.

Here is the Official WEBSITE - WWW.ELECTRICSOULSHOW.COM - please have a look at it.(*Brand new WEBSITE).

*****This weeks show is the The MIDWEEK Show - 2 x Hour SHOW -13th April 2014 from the ELECTRIC SOUL SHOW based here in Ipswich Town, England -


**** The Show - 2 x Hour SHOW - 13TH April 2014 ***



Sun-Set Apr 02-14

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The Remedy

Dr Rob / Remedy #157

  • Balearic
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  • 0h 57m
Broadcast 12 / 04 / 2014. Don`t know what was going on last night. I signed off one record short. If my delivery is a little shakey, well, as I entered the studio I had just been informed of the departure of my good friend Kiwada-san. I`m gonna blame both on this news. Thankfully my Producer Rocky-san, jumped in and saved the day. Again. どうもありがとうございます。
The Chillout Sessions with Donald Isaac

The Chillout Sessions (4-13-14)

  • Jazz
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  • Soul
  • 1h 48m
Show Preview:
On the next edition of the show, Donald has new music from Cindy Bradley, Steve Cole, and Jimmy B. You will hear vocals from Lalah Hathaway, Jill Scott, and Stevie Wonder. Plus, there’s Chill music from Naked Music, Atjazz, and Afterlife.

For more info, visit our official website at: and be sure to like us on Facebook + Twitter at: or

The Coast Radio 4.19

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The Best Smooth Jazz Station online.
Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Funk, Soul
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Podcast of the Sine FM Soul & Dance show which airs Every Saturday from 11am - 1pm on Doncaster's 102.6 Sine FM , also available on line at
Two hours of disco & soul playing many rarities
Follow the show on Twitter @sinefmsoul also on Facebook-Sine FM Soul & Dance show
Aja & Claire Simone

Ketch A Vibe 179

  • Jazz
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  • 2h 00m
Welcome along another edition of Ketch A Vibe,we have new music from Essa,Nat Birchall Quintet,Kenny Keys,Dj Mentos,Andy Compton and lots more for your ears !!!!

Aja & Claire Simone
Nik Patrick is sending us this mix saying:
"As DJs we use machines like tools to interpret the meaning, function, and connection of selected tracks in order to activate an inherently omnipresent, gradual chain reaction inside the listener. In a world of seemingly endless musical tools, I enjoy limiting myself to vinyl in order to come closer to a true & emotional musical experience. Certain limitations are helpful, maybe even necessary to examine an idea more precisely & to acquire a creative set of motor skills. Through buying records I can make a more conscious investment into a functionally and emotionally sustainable library of music. A live crowd demands emotional and structural logic on the dance floor, so playing & recording at home is not ideal for dance music. Home mixes have more linear story lines, perhaps from the lack of influential energy that would otherwise alternate between a DJ and the crowd. And the abundance of complete beat-matching failures are due to the tempting option of elevating the needle and repeating the mix. This could also be seen as a lack of limitations. Therefore to create my own framework, a deliberate mood is built from within, rather than as a result of diversified, subtle, exterior impulses. I become my own most critical dancer.

If I had to chose a word at the moment I think 'techno' is the sound that lets me explore and experiment the most while keeping a steady dance floor oriented groove alive. More and more I try to define music for myself not in genre but in purpose. I am detecting tribal elements which are becoming more apparent and increasingly alluring to me. This might be the result of seeking out a communal mood while at home. There seems to be a deeper, inborn passion patiently waiting in my subconscious. To me tribal music is an idea/philosophy of what I think is the root of most, maybe all dance music. This becomes conceivable in the most instinctive, electrifying way: whether there is a drum or not, in one way or another, every human feels or senses rhythm in their heart. Together as a group, in a space, with a loud sound system, we relax our minds, and allow ourselves to physically express our emotions; It is easier to dance if others are dancing.

A party always starts with one uninhibited dancer. I started a dance alone at home, but a DJ without a crowd is not a party. Many people will react to the mix yet they will never form a physical crowd. The relationship between the DJ and the listener takes on an abstract form in diverse times and environments. Without technology & the internet we would need musicians with instruments to meet in a specific time and place, and have other interested people gather around willing to listen. This might explain my desire to limit myself in this new, paradoxical world of choice.

Always evolving, these thoughts are not meant to be rules. Tribal elements in music are essentially communicable, one can tell where a person is from by the beat of their drum. Which stands true today. Music has inexplicable healing powers without repercussions. True unconditional love. It is my silly ambition to explore and respect the existence of sounds. My future self may find new questions, not answers, along a progressively balanced, rational & spiritual path.

Recorded at home on march 24th, 2014, on two Technics MKII & DJM600."