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Master M. Key

Music for your mind, body, soul, and your heart!

  • House
  • Eclectic
  • Lithuania
Master M. Key
M. Key /em kei/, earlier known as X and Muz-X, started professional DJing in 1997. Now M. Key is one of the most recognized DJs in Lithuania and is considered as one of the most talented and progressing house masters in the Baltics (Eastern Europe). Crossing the limits of house music, M. Key is also making mark as a universal and stylistically diverse all-round DJ.

M. Key is known for playing a variety of dance music styles in his own taste, based in quality and emotion. Starting from lounge evenings, listeners can hear him playing anything from downtempo to nu-jazz to deep and soulful house. At a dance party or club it‘s all about various flavors of house music: deep, soulful, jazzy, latin, classic, funky, disco, vocal, while one can expect some broken beat or funk too. Entering big room, M. Key fills up with energy and throws down some characteristically flavored tech, tribal, progressive, electric, trancy house. In addition to music, M. Key likes to add different technical surprises for an even more catching and involving experience.

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  • M. Key
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The Mix - March 2014

  • House
  • Deep
  • 1h 02m
My best selections in The Mix as of March 2014.


  • House
  • Deep
  • 0h 53m

Kitoki AirWaves - June 2013

  • House
  • Deep
  • Classic
  • 0h 59m
The hottest tracks from Kitoki DJs M.Key & Deep_M, mixed live on vinyls + Traktor Scratch.

Kitoki: Back 2 Future

  • House
  • Deep
  • Funky
  • 0h 59m
The newly reformed Kitoki DJs duo of M.Key & deep_m present their musical arsenal for the first time in a recorded set. Get ready to get deep!