Les Siestes Electroniques

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Les Siestes Electroniques

  • Electronica
  • Crossover

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So So Modern Live @ Les Siestes Electroniques 2008

  • Rock
  • Crossover
  • 0h 52m
So So Modern Live @ Les Siestes Electronique 2008

The imagination of Foals, the attitude of Devo, the complexity of Liars, the dancing IQ of Daft Punk and the insane energy of Polysics. With keyboards on stage, vocoder, guitars, drums, they will rock your heart and moist your skin. Dancy, funky and spikier than a fine pointed compass, the four post-modernists of So So Modern blow every venue to pieces, every crowd is enthralled by the off-kilter time signatures, tight execution and surprising keyboard-trained noises that circle and dive in without prior warning. Catch them before they get really big !


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