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Kenneth Guglielmino

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Whispers And Sunday Mornings

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I stopped Dj'ing for the past few months. I've been having an internal battle over the question of what it means to be a Dj these days. I'm not sure if I have a solid answer myself, but I do have some ideas of where I want to take my material. I want to create mixes that make people feel something. I want to create mixes that make people think.

In this mix I was experimenting with disjointed thoughts and atmospheric soundscapes. I sampled the two movies called Waking Life and The World of Buckminster Fuller. Everyone should check these movies out.

I will be posting mixes every second Friday of the Month. The next mix will be stylistically similar, but more music-centric.

Feedback appreciated.

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    • For Someone (Abandonment) - S. Maharba
    • Before Sunrise Scene - Waking Life
    • Howl) - Le Loup
    • The Assmann 640 Speaks - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
    • Words (Sound Remedy Remix) - Lupe Fiasco
    • Belly - Natasha Kmeto
    • Sepakulive - Citymouth
    • Intenshnnns - Mndsgn
    • The World of Buckminster Fuller (Trailer) - Buckminster Fuller
    • Rained the Whole Time - Shlohmo
    • Saturday Afternoon - Apollo Belvedere
    • 911 Call