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Just Friday

Techno, techno, techno, house & experimental

  • Techno
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Just Friday
[Why Are We Here/KPLZ accomplice]

Podcasts for :
[Why Are We Here] :
[Indeks Music] :
[Modular Expansion Records] :
[Etherwerks] :
and more to come...

My personnal older podcasts series running in three differents directions :
808 lovers [TECHNO]
Cold Machine [IDM/EXPÉ ]
Under The ball [HOUSE]

Just started production... a lot more soon... with a very special project :




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An old contribution to a fine podcast serie
The Fourth "3 Decks 4" issue is focused on Future Flash

Unlike most other labels, Future Flash is identified by a medieval style wax seal bearing the label's logo, meaning the records can only be played on one side. As such they are highly sought after collectors items and vanish from the market place very quickly. All vinyls of this label comes stamped with the wax seal, and an ink stamp detailing the Artists and tracks, all contained within a paper sleeve and a disco bag. leads this label and monopolizes most of the issue with his great Acid'n'Jackin' house style, but you can also find artists like Operator Tracey or Cestrian on this label.

This podcast also includes some yet-unreleased material from High Jack Records (Ukraine), and stuff from other labels in the same mood as 100% Pure, M>O>S Recordings, Minority's Records and Creme Organization

"3 Decks 4..." #03 : Etherwerks

  • Techno
  • Dark
  • Deep
  • 0h 56m
This third issue of the "3 Decks 4..." Podcast Serie is focused on Etherwerks label.

Etherwerks is a finnish label leaded by @hannuikola

At the moment, there's only two releases from Etherwerks, but if you check the playlist carefully, you'll find a very exclusive first glance (even if one track has been played last week on DSH radioshow) from the third label release by Kitkatone blend with very freshly pressed sounds...

The next "3 Decks 4..." Podcast Serie issue will be acid Jackin'house and techno issue from leeds :) Cheers!

Enjoy the mix.

Playlist : [Etherwerks Tracks : 45%]

You can find etherwerks on :
When I bought some days ago tracks to record the Indeks Music podcast, George Apergis delivered his Ekhowax EP so fast I wanted to include two tracks of this bomb in the podcast.

When I asked him if he was in the mood to let me do a Modular Expansion Records dedicated podcast for my "3 decks 4..." serie, he answered "my pleasure, 100%."

I didn't understood at first he wanted a 100% Modular Expansion podcast...

So I bought some more EPs and accepted the challenge ;)

Check his label issues and bought them, they truly diserve it!

And of course, enjoy the mix! It's was a real challenge to record a not preplaned podcast with a realy limited crate, and I enjoyed it!!!

Recorded lied on a bed with a xone 92 rotary, a ESI gigaport sound card, a Xone k2, one technics mk2 and a load of painkillers for my neck!
Here's the IM podcast 043, made with a lot of tracks from the label catalogue, and also including some of the other labels tracks I bought those days.

I strongly invite you to check the website or the soundcloud of this ukrainian label , founded by Antoine Caesar and counting people as Egor Boss, JC Laurent, Unbalance or Etapp Kyle amongst their residents :
Everything is in the title...
Techno Impro Session ;)