iCrates presets Bottin

samurai.fm introduces iCrates session number 13 and a new mix from the Venetian disco mastermind Bottin.

Bottin has been on something of a roll when it comes to his own releases and the quality of his mixes which makes even the lousiest dancer look pretty slick.

In "Disco for the Family" he takes us out to the deeper roots of Italian disco of the late Seventies til the early Eighties starting of with Gianni Morandi passing along classics like "The Ring" with their powerful "Savage Lover" and such hard hitters as "Paul Sabu“ with the instrumental b-side of is 12 inch shotgun release from 1983 to end finally typical italian with "La Famiglia" and their 1979 release "Musicosanostra".

Bottin, keep it comin...