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Seth Troxler & Bill Patrick's Soundtrack for the Last Day on Earth

Seth Troxler & Bill Patrick's Soundtrack for the Last Day on Earth

This is a journey by two well established artists through an emotional and moving soundscape blending lush sounds and moods and slowing emerging seamlessly into subtly jacking techno.
Animat - Sculptured in Space May 2013

Animat - Sculptured in Space May 2013

Steeped in the tradition of Sheffield’s world-leading electronic music scene, Mark Daly and Michael Harding - aka The Only Michael – have been working together since 2004 and have released two albums and six EPs of their own material on labels including Dubmission, Blodusgar, Big Chill and Klasik Lounge, as well as remixing for artists including
Deep Dive Corp, Pitch Black and DF Tram.

They have also devised and performed new live soundtracks to cult films including Belleville Rendezvous, The Straight Story and John Carpenter's Dark Star.

'Sculptured in Space' features three tracks from the 'Stargazing Remixed' EPs, inspired by the Dark Star soundtrack, as well as new and old favourites from the Animat DJ bag.


Animat - Sculptured in Space mix

  • Electronica
  • Downbeat
  • Ambient
  • 1h 00m
Sculptured in Space is a new DJ mix by Sheffield-based electronica duo Animat.

Mark Daly and Michael Harding - aka The Only Michael – have been working together since 2004 and have released two albums and six EPs of their own material on labels including Dubmission, Bloodsugar, Big Chill and Klassik Lounge, as well as remixing for artists including Deep Dive Corp, Pitch Black and DF Tram.

'Sculptured in Space' focuses on tracks from the 'Stargazing Remixed' project (volumes 1 and 2 released spring 2013).
Border Community

Border Community

マルチな才能を発揮するジェームス・ホールデンは、エレクトロニック・ミュージックのプロデューサー、DJ、そしてレーベルBorder Communityのオーナーとして最前線に立ち牽引している男だ。ホールデンのサウンドはエクスペリメンタル、アシッドハウス、レフトフィールド、テクノ、トランス、エレクトロ・・・ジャンル分けするには不可能と言え、幅広いシーンのファンを獲得している。彼のプロダクションは、デジタル・プロデューサーとして秀でており、コンピュータを駆使する様は実際の楽器を弾くように、生命の息吹を感じさせる生命観を持ち、驚きをもメカニカルな必然と言えるものに転換するのだ。彼のBorder Communityは、最もアツいレーベルの一つとなり、Nathan Fake、Avus、Dextro、Petter、The MFAといった同じ志を持つ自由なスピリットを持つジャンルの越境者たちに提供している。

ホールデンの最近のプロジェクトは、Nathan Fake「The Sky Was Pink」、System 7「Planet 7」、Andre Kraml「Safari」などのリミックス。そして忘れていけないシングル「A Break in the Clouds」「Nothing」 (Loadedレーベルより)がある。2005年後半には「Nothing」のヴォーカリストジュリー・トンプソンとのコラボレーション「Come To Me」が予定され、世界中でのDJパフォーマンスは、バルセロナのLoft club、アムステルダムのPanamaでのレジデンシーを含み、またブラックストローブやミルキー・グローブなどのリミックスが登場予定だ。

Intec Digital Radio 21 with Jon Rundell

Intec Digital Radio 21 with Jon Rundell

The latest show starts with a 1 hour studio mix from Jon Rundell, followed in the 2nd hour by forthcoming Intec tracks, heavily featuring artists playing at Space this summer for Carl Cox's Revolution party. We would love to hear what you think of what's to come !
Hija de Colombia presents Stumbleine

Hija de Colombia presents Stumbleine

Following on from the recent release of El Nino Andres's wonderful debut album, Hija De Colombia takes a break from the sound of house & techno, and turns to Stumbleine for a collection of his weird, warm and brilliant electronica in the shape of ‘Ghosting’.

Ghosting is collection of early recordings from Bristol based producer Stumbleine. It features eight tracks, taken from three eps, spaced over two years. Musically Stumbleine draws heavily from rnb, chillwave & shoegaze all drowned in nostalgic lo-fi warmth. Influences range from Burial to my Bloody Valentine making the end result truly genuinely unique.

Listening to Stumbleine’s music is an immersive and engaging experience and with ‘Ghosting’ we are offered up the change to lose ourselves in everything he has to offer, enjoy!


EPM Podcast 32 – OktoRed

EPM Podcast 32 – OktoRed

Next up on the EPM Podcast we get our collective jit on as Detroit’s OktoRed gives us a full Motor City blast with his own OktoRed and Cocky Balboa productions mixed up with his own re-works of Franki Juncaj (aka DJ 3000), Katy B, I:Cube, Gauche Kids and the hip hop classic Wu Tang Clan ‘Aint Nothin’ To Fuck Wit’.

OktoRed, hailing from Detroit MI, has been gaining some real momentum of late. As one of Beatportal’s “Artists To Watch 2012”, and coming off his first YoSucka! imprint, ‘The Future Sounds of 8 Mile’ he wanted to showcase his ability to transcend from his kind, gentle side, to a more rough, dark side with the release of ‘Gemini 1 EP’ released on 4th May and the forthcoming ‘Gemini 2 EP’.

OktoRed continues a long lineage of Detroit Electronic Music. Limitless, genre expanding and intelligent, it can be said that this artist has pushed his music to project feeling. It is hard to define his genre and that would just be too limiting, as OktoRed morphs between indiscriminate tempo future bass, defined as Detroit infused techno, borrowing ideas from moombahton, dubstep, juke, footwork and ghetto tech.

A gun to the stomach by a typical Detroit stick up thug flashed his musical life before him, right before he gave up all the cash in his pocket, and his life was spared. He remembered his time as a kid, only 12 years old, teaching himself guitar while following the Detroit techno, ghetto tech and jungle scene. Over the next few years visions of gear, often given to him by older cats in the industry became realities, as he collected an old Koss drum machine, Fender Rhodes piano, various synths, and drum machines, coupled with a Roland MC 500 sequencer. At this point his tools would then be worked to all hours of the morning. Flash forward to the cold metal of a handgun, in his gut, he realized that his day gig was NOT the direction he needed to go in life and began working past sleep deprivation to give birth to tracks that have become Detroit underground staples. He had no choice but to make his grimy and dark, underground bass symphonies pound through the bodies on dance floors, laying them out one by one and turning them into frenzied fans.

He is currently releasing tracks on the YoSucka! Imprint, working on music that is sometimes inspired by current events. For instance, the track ‘How Many Moons’ was made in response to the riots in London of 2011. Overburdened by the thoughts of how people can burn down their own neighbourhood forced him to react in his own musical way. Software synthesizers, Ableton Live and esoteric tracker programs come under his command as he continues to produce, long after you’ve gone to bed and entered the deepest parts of slumber.

Q&A with OktoRed

1. Please give us a quick walk through your selection. Why did you choose these tracks for the mix?
I just wanted to showcase some of my current and upcoming releases from YoSucka! Music, Generation Bass and Motech Records. All of the songs are originals or edits made for personal use by myself. The songs in this mix are more to the smoother side of my production.

2. How would you begin to describe your style?
My style is all over the place. I like to mix it up as much as possible. I guess one consistent pattern from track to track is that I don't spend time over producing things. I like a more organic natural feel to a lot of my music. Lots of swing and lots of melody.

3. Your work although influenced by Detroit, also sounds from somewhere else. How has the fabled 7th City impacted on you as a producer and DJ?
Growing up we had a lot of good music on the radio that opened my mind and ears up to a lot of stuff I wasn't getting from friends and other places. We had lots of ghetto-tech and good dance music on the radio for most of my formative years. When the internet came around a little later, I got to experience lots of stuff that wasn't being played anywhere around here. I like to try to take from everything I listen to without being a copycat.

4. How has working with Brian Gillespie, one of the unsung heroes of the Detroit electro and ghetto tek story, helped you to envisage your work as an artist?
Working with Brian has been amazing. His knowledge has been a real asset and his ear for good music is the most valuable thing I've had in my corner in a long time. Also, I got to realise a dream of mine by releasing some new ghetto-tech/juke stuff with him on Juke Trax under the Cocky Balboa alias. His business knowledge and connection to the global dance scene has really helped in getting my music to people who would have otherwise never known of me.

5. How do you work in the studio? Do ideas come to fruition quickly or do you tinker with lots of ideas at the same time, going back and forth until one clicks and you focus on it?
I constantly work on music. Literally at least 6-10 hours a day so I have a bunch of different approaches. I like it best when I can sit and write and record a song in a few hours. I just let it flow on its own. If I get stuck I usually just delete everything and start from scratch. I just go be ear mostly. If it makes sense to me then I pursue it.

6. Which modern day producers currently impress you?
I really like Diplo’s stuff a lot. He seems to be all over the place but consistently good on the board. I recently found out about Boddika and lost my mind. It’s very simple sounding stuff that has so much feeling behind it.

7. What plans do you currently have for your own music productions?
Right now we are just working on getting out some new stuff. I’d like to keep everything different from release to release. Different tempos and feels. Once again, I just don't want to get pigeonholed into a one sound music career.

8. Where do you play out these days? Any plans to come to Europe?
I'm doing a bi-weekly live webcast with 8EN, Jawa and Brian Gillespie on the Everyday Sucka Webcast. I do visuals at a bar in the Corktown area in Detroit called "The Works" for Calico and Matt Clarke for their weekly Bass Down Low parties. I’m up to playing anywhere I can right now, but I mainly focus on production over doing live shows. I’m also working on starting up a weekly live radio show on TapDetroit.com.

9. Please give us your top 10 all-time favourite Detroit tracks:

in no particular order…
DJ Rolando – ‘Knights of the Jaguar’
A Number of Names – ‘Shari Vari’
Starski and Clutch – ‘Triple Gold’
Subject No001 – ‘Black Lives’
Drexciya – ‘You Don't Know’
Ectomorph – ‘Insert Another Data Disc’
Inner City – ‘Good Life’
Aaron Carl – ‘Down’
Rhythim Is Rhythim – ‘Strings of Life’
Jeff Mills – ‘The Extremist’



Aired April 13, 2014 on www.deradio.ca.

This month, featuring a guest mix by fellow DE Radio DJ's Kiano & Below Bangkok from Luna The Cat Records.

Check them out at http://lunathecat.bandcamp.com/
TrezeTrintaeUm is a brasilian musician, even versed in classical music he is risking in eletronic experimentalisms.

It's a true honor to present a special mix from Christian Prommer, who brings us an amazing deep selection. Christian has just released his album "Ubermood" on Compost Records, which his became his debut solo LP. The Munich-based DJ, percussionist and producer first began experimenting with samplers and drum machines in the late 1980s. In the last 20 years career he has been one of the key players of the eclectic electronica-meets-jazz scene - as a part of such projects as Drumlesson, Truby Trio, Voom Voom, Prommer & Barck and also making music with such names as DJ Hell, Roland Appel, Jazzanova and Peter Kruder to name just a few.

In the second hour some freshness from Moonstarr, Favela, Chet Faker, Werkha, Mo Kolours. A great Carl Craig remix for Boddhi Satva, a DJ Vadim vs Fat Freddies Drop joint, Lee Scratch Perry remix for Jah Wobble and many more.

Download: http://headz.fm/media/latest/headz_fm_episode_52_christian_prommer_mix.mp3
Yuichi Nakahara

The Ultimate Ambient Collection Mix 79

  • Electronica
  • Downbeat
  • Ambient
  • 1h 02m
00:00-05:15 David Sylvian/The Healing Place
05:15-11:00 Bill Frisell/Start
11:00-14:40 Patrick O'Hearn/Gentle Was the Night
14:40-20:50 Harold Budd & Clive Wright/At This Moment
20:50-27:20 Irmin Schmidt/Fresco and Finale (Flavia Theme iii and iv)
27:20-35:00 Philip Jeck/Ps One
35:00-40:50 Robert Rich/Serpent
40:50-46:00 Scott Cossu with Eugene Friesen/Mistico
46:00-51:20 Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri/Distance Fires
51:20-58:10 Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank/Two Oldtimers
58:10-62:40 DJ Shadow/Redeemed

Enjoy !
Something Global

Chris Sammarco - 18 April 2014

  • House
  • Techno
  • Electronica
  • 1h 00m
Something Global Extra with Steve'Butch'Jones syndicated on radio stations around the world and available as a free podcast.

Season 5 Show 44 with Chris Sammarco

If you're a producer/DJ and want to submit a track or mix for the show please send links to tra...@SomethingGlobal.com WAV format preferred.

All music included in the show is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks are available to download safely and legally. DONT STEAL MUSIC.

Single LADIES (No Turn Unstoned #239)

  • Hip-Hop
  • Soul
  • Electronica
  • 1h 54m
I've been really enjoying the VH1 show Single Ladies this year. I don't know what's so different about this season based on others. Perhaps, it is the amazing Harold "House" Moore being featured (drumroll!) more (ta da!) in the forefront as a series regular. So I thought I'd make a mix in tribute to the show. However, I probably should be making a Single GENTLEMEN or CUT mix, instead, due to my admiration of Harold's performance;)
dom duchamp


  • Hip-Hop
  • Electronica
  • Dirty
  • 1h 56m
Tip of the hat. New show ready to fly the nest & as always Sam FM gets it first. It’s 45 and this month I’m chuffed to say it’s me and the stellar Ritchrd on selector duties.

The DL will up on the 15th over on the Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/chepuss and the whole shebang will be up by then at adtrax HQ www.adtrax.co with goodies.

So its me 1st, then Ritchrd then a bit more me.

We kick off the show with some exceptional bittersweet courtesy of Long Arm ft I.V.A & drum collaborator Ruslan G. It’s an incredible thing but sadly it’s been released because it’s the only surviving song off Long Arm's next album for Project Mooncircle that was lost last month! Get it, mourn it, I swear when I heard that had happened a tear came out my eye.
Looking forward to the new Apollo Brown instrumental album ‘Thirty Eight’ due on Mello Music soon. Apollo without tired rappers is always a treat. We got the sneak ‘The Answer’ which is heavily on the DJ Shadow tip.
If you don’t like Green Assassin Dollar, you might wanna stop listening to ADTRAX for a bit. Two more belters from three new projects turned out this month. I would have put more on but I felt mancrush ashamed.
What else, 2 tracks featuring rapper Oliver the 2nd, the guest spot on the beatless Jonwayne Annie-Mac freebie and in tandem with Jeremiah Jae on the Ka-esque ‘Survival’.
There are 2 tracks from label to watch Rap Vacation’s Family Jams Vol.1. Proper excited about this splinter cell of fractured nextnuss.
2, lots of 2’s, from the corkin new DIBIASE ‘Excuse the Tape Hiss’ EP. One from the quality De La Dilla tribute beattape, always nice to see some Dilla tributes that don’t suck.
Kickdrums and ‘tronics from a number of directions including some nice electrictech from datassettes excellent record for R&S, an ace Zapp-monstrous cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings Of You’ by Chromadadata, biggun from Pomo, an all build-up piece of happiness from the man-of-the-mo Leon Vynehall and lots of other shiny things to caw about.

Sandwiched in between that lot is a proper pearl of where-it’s-at courtesy of San Fran’s Ritchrd. https://soundcloud.com/ritchrd
Been an absolute pleasure getting to know this dude a little bit over the course of the month. When I approach people about doing guest slots for the show, I am always saying ‘just do what ever you want, do something creative, something that feels like you.’ Well mission accomplished. Now you are able to hear what a nitrazepam disco ball of 5% tint hip hop energy unleashed through malfunctioning future music technology sounds like. Need a break from your waking nightmare of capitalist realism? Been waiting 25 years for a new World Class Wreckin’ Cru album? Yes, thought so, then spark one up and clear the decks for this perfectly paced bit of right-on featuring SENSEI HIMSELF, Culp, BOLO YEUNG, XXYYXX and a shtload more with, gasp, 3 poison-umbrlla-top-secret rubs from the man hisself.

All of Ritchrd’s new music is delivered through Soundcloud and Bandcamp http://ritchrd.bandcamp.com/ so I advise you to go and press follow on those because there is compelling evidence to suggest there is going to be something with a yield-to-weight ratio of 6 megatons appearing on those web addresses in the next year or so. If you haven’t already been bumping the little bit too good MAGICHATBOY joint from a couple of months ago, stop being silly, and make that happen. You want drum lessons, you can get them by listening to the track ‘thousand' on his SC page.

If you want to get to know more about this mysterious night creature, then well good luck to ya, he doesn’t really do self-hype, although a twitter follow will provide you with some political leanings, some witticisms and a koan or two, or you could check the adtrax page in the next week or so for a lil something something.


Next month, vurr happy to say homie Blameful Isles (Honks Burry) will be providing guest action. Gonna be a deep one.

Enjoy. Lv lv Duchamp.
Wah Wah 45s

Wah Wah Radio - April 2014

  • Electronica
  • Soul
  • Downbeat
  • 1h 00m
A Record Store Day Special as we celebrate the release of our limited edition Hackney Colliery Band / Henri-Pierre Noel release - plus there's incredible music from Kelis and Machinedrum, Clap! Clap!, a new re-edit for Scrimshire and much more!
Something Global

Brisboys - 11 April 2014

  • House
  • Techno
  • Electronica
  • 1h 00m
Something Global Extra with Steve'Butch'Jones syndicated on radio stations around the world and available as a free podcast.

Season 5 Show 43 with Brisboys

If you're a producer/DJ and want to submit a track or mix for the show please send links to tra...@SomethingGlobal.com WAV format preferred.

All music included in the show is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks are available to download safely and legally. DONT STEAL MUSIC.
EPM Music

EPM Podcast #55 | MGUN

  • Electronica
  • Techno
  • Electro
  • 0h 44m
Following Andrea Parker’s electronic extravaganza the next release in the EPM Podcast series takes things back to the heart of house with MGUN’s ‘This House is My Home Mix’. Showcasing the housier side of this talented young Detroit maverick as compared to his recent more techno FACT Mix we find the UR producer and DJ slicing and dicing his way through the likes of Kenny Dixon Jr., Aaron Smith, Cajmere, Louis Bell, MFON, Funktion feat. Colonel Abrams, Dirty Harry and more. The future is indeed in safe hands.

Having first emerged on the Wild Oats released Laygo My Faygo as part of NSNT PRJCT alongside Kyle Hall in 2010, Manuel Gonzales has found his own voice over the past few years. Resurfacing under the MGUN banner, Gonzales made an intensely rewarding full debut on Hall’s label with the cavernous deconstruction of techno that was Harmnear, and has subsequently struck alliances with some of the UK’s more interesting labels.

Released as 2012 drew to a close, The Upstairs Apt EP for Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid was equally a statement of the label’s intent to escape the mundane trappings of many a current UK house operation and another compelling display of Gonzales’ obvious talent. A further mark of the Detroit-based producer’s ascendancy arrives with The Near Future EP on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes label, turning out twenty minutes of wayward sonics and his recently released Resin EP for Don’t Be Afraid, ‘Some Tracks’ EP for Third Ear and remix of EPM artist Esteban Adame’s ‘Home Sick’ EP that builds upon his burgeoning reputation as much more than a one-dimensional house and techno producer.

EPM Podcast 55 - MGUN tracklist

MFON - My Piano
Sandi Castillo - Promise Me
DJ Tink Thomas - Get On Down
Priit Kirss - Midnite Emotions
Dirty Harry - New York Meltdown
Funktion feat. Colonel Abrams - As Quiet As It's Kept
Jazzy - Lonely
Kenny Dixon JR - Goes On
Aaron Smith feat. D'Bora - Going Round
PJ feat. Saxy - All I Can Give
Kamar - I Need You
Cajmere - Brighter Days
Louis Bell - Finger Fuk

www.epm-music.com. You can subscribe FREE to all of EPM’s podcasts via iTunes.

For more information about EPM’s digital distribution and other services:
Yuichi Nakahara

The Ultimate Ambient Collection Mix 78

  • Electronica
  • Downbeat
  • Ambient
  • 1h 03m
00:00-05:00 A Forest Mighty Black/Duel With A So(u)l
05:00-12:30 Dhuna/Pyscu
12:30-22:00 Blamstrain/Night Became (Vocals by Hossni Boudalli)
22:00-32:30 Chronos/Self Overcoming
32:30-37:00 Jeffrey Fayman & Robert Fripp/The Sky Below
37:00-40:30 György Ligeti/Artikulation
40:30-45:30 Krusseldorf/Insectoid
45:30-52:00 Galaxy/Everlasting Tone
52:00-57:30 Hibernation/The Fallen Sound
57:30-63:30 Grains Of Sound/Ancient Ocean

Enjoy !