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GTD / GO TO DETROIT website - Paris

  • Techno
  • House
  • Electronica
  • France
GTD / GO TO DETROIT is a website dedicated to electronic music. His forum allows you to interact with all members whatever you want in the world of techno, house, electronica ... From Detroit to Berlin, from Paris to Tokyo, from London to Barcelona ... All that makes today the richness and diversity of electronic music.

For newcomers, please visit, click "connection" in one of the pages in the main menu, then "register" and follow the instructions! This site is made for and by you! So let us find out what moves you in electronic music.

Each month, a new Dj set especially mixed by an artist for the "GTD monthly DJ set", available on the GTD website and on the GTD soundcloud:

So, go on!!!

Enjoy the Music!



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Gilles Dubois @ GTD act 15

  • Techno
  • House
  • Deep
  • 1h 33m
Here is the 15th "GTD monthly DJ set" mixed by Gilles Dubois.

A very nice selection between House, Techno and Electronica, for a great journey through the sound!!!

Downloadable on the GTD soundcloud:

GILLES DUBOIS biography:

French DJ based near Lille, Gilles Dubois has found his musical roots in Motown and NY Disco Funk, Jazz,
electronica, , House music, Techno, New Wave… And of course, in living near Belgium, He has not been “immune” to the New Beat! It was around 17-18 years, Gilles discovered the mix through DJ's like Larry Levan, Laurent Garnier, Ron Hardy, Derrick May, DJ Hell and many others… Then, he identified in the music influenced by cities like Detroit, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Glasgow.

It will be with the collective "Elements" and the "” webradio, he will make his first real steps into the world of dj'ing and Radio. During parties organized in bars and clubs in Lille, Paris or Belgium as the "Basic Groove" and "Trust My Radio" in Kiosk club, It has been seen alongside renowned artists, but also alongside local artists sometimes much better than the stars! About radio, he co-hosted the show with Nicolas Bentz called "Up2date" for 2 years on and on RadioPlus (local radio).

This vinyl addict is one of those dj's who think that a dj set is like a journey and guides the listener into his world, hoping to surprise and provoke the same emotion he feels when he plays...

Here is the 13rd edition of the "GTD monthly DJ set". This month it's time for an emerging artist of the french scene acclaimed by Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Ian O'Donovan... He's named Madben.

A very good mix between house and techno tracks, with a great selection and a great technique. Check it out!!!

More informations on

Alson downloadable on


MADBEN biography

Benjamin Leclercq, alias Madben, grew up in Northern France, a few kilometers from the Belgian border. He discovered electronic music in the mid-90s ans started to check out Belgian clubs where this electronic vibe was already very trendy. Benjamin decided to start djing when he moved to Lille in 2000, and also created an association to promote his passion. Sound of Sand was born, and contributed to Lille Party’s energy organizing many events under the sign of electronic music. In 2007, upon his arrival in Orleans, Benjamin began composing.

His compositions are quickly acclaimed by Laurent Garnier, who made the honor to broadcast three of his songs on his radio show « It Is What It Is. » Dave Clarke played his songs on his radio show « White Noise » and also Agoria, who ranked his song « Promised Land » as a title in the summer of 2011 in the magazine Dj Mag. Ian O Donovan playlist « F.. track » in the radio program « Transition » by John Digweed, and Paul Hamill aka Psycatron plays « Fire in the hall » in his radio show « Across the Line » broadcasted on the BBC.

MADBEN links:
Here is the 12th mix of the "GTD monthly DJ set" series. This month, YANN LEAN takes control of the decks with a really nice house mix.

Also available on
and downloadable on

YANN LEAN biography:

Composer, arranger and sound engineer working on creation of major brands sound identity or institutional programs. His
musical influences come from the electronic (Chicago, Detroit, UK, Berlin), jazz and funk scene .

Duet withTristan Consalvi, he worked on mixing and mastering for an emerging artist of the French electronic scene called Madben : "F *** Track" on Bastardo Electrico, "Technocolors" on Hype music, "Happy Face " on Exit Audio, "Dark side of my mood" on Bass Pressure and more recently on the track "Promise Land ".

With his friend, as Yann&Tristan, he's working on an EP mixing house and techno sounds. Their tracks are already played by a few artists like Laurent Garnier, Roberto Bosco, Madben, DJ Seoul...

YANN LEAN links:
Here is the eleventh mix of the "GTD monthly DJ set" series by Tom Joyce, a french DJ and producer based in Paris.

A mix between deep house and funky techno tracks. A very nice trip for our little ears!

Available and downloadable on the GTD website

and on the GTD Soundcloud page:

TOM JOYCE biography:

DJ for ten years, Tom joyce has played in most of the principal clubs of Paris (Fr). His DJ sets evolved from classical and modern house, he also likes to play heavy Detroit techno, or dub techno tracks...

After worked with several crews, he created himself "Überground" in april 2011, a parisian events agency which organizes parties with producers and DJ's of the underground electronic scene.

He's also a producer and released his first track "Secret Cannel" on Logo Tunisia Records in june 2011. More tracks are about to be released in this year.

TOM JOYCE links:
Here is the 10th mix of the "GTD monthly DJ set" series by William Wild (MindReaders / Limonada records / Dialtone records).

A real punchy and pumpin' DJ set, mixing techno and house music, with a very nice selection and a perfect technical mastery!!!

More informations on GTD website

Also available and downloadable on the GTD soundcloud page:

Enjoy the Music!
9th mix of the "GTD monthly DJ set" series (June 2011) by Tioneb (Edensonic records).

Be careful! A real master piece of techno!!

More informations on the GTD website

Also available and downloadable on the GTD soundcloud page:

Enjoy the Music!

Tioneb links: -> Free mp3 netlabel -> Radio show every wednesday 08.00pm - 09.00pm