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Futuresonic is an annual 3-day festival of art, music and ideas that is urban, cutting edge, international, inclusive, and in Manchester which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. We present live music performances focusing on the best and up-and-coming music. We also commission unique one-off projects and artist collaborations, with a special emphasis on projects using emerging technologies. Our audience is around 10,000 attendance city-wide.

Each year Futuresonic festival is made up of a mix of live music in Manchester's main music venues; an art and technology strand featuring exhibitions, workshops and interactive projects in the city streets; and EVNTS, a 'wiki-festival' which enables artist groups and event organisers to stage independent events within the festival.

What They Say
"They've got it, we want it. " London Timeout
"A glimpse of tomorrow's music today." BBC
"A fully eclectic urban festival, guided by a genuine thirst for the unexpected, be it audio, visual or an ingenious blending of both." The Wire

Futuresonic is presented by FutureEverything, a creative studio registered as a not-for-profit 'community interest company' (CIC).

Become our friend at:

Futuresonic and FutureEverything could not exist without the generous support of funders, partners, advisory group members and all the many people who have helped us since the organisation was established in 1995.



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Claro Intelecto Live @ Futuresonic 2008

Claro Intelecto Live @ Futuresonic 2008

Claro Intelecto is the pseudonym of Manchester based Mark Stewart, Modern Love luminary whose Detroit and vintage Warp tinged productions have established the label's reputation for deep, sparse, emotional output.

Stewart first used the Claro Intelecto moniker in 2002 when his track Two Thousand, along with another of his early tracks, International, were included as part of Manchester's Ai Records limited compilation, Produce. At the time, Ai was heavily oriented toward the genre formally known as IDM. Stewart followed-up with his now sought-after debut EP, Peace Of Mind, in 2003. The title track ended up on several year-end DJ lists, and Contact was included on Ricardo Villalobos' Taka Taka mix album. Stewart released a second 12", Section, in early 2004, and a full-length followed soon after, in late April. The Warp-styled IDM/Techno album was titled Neurofibro, allegedly named for the genetic nerve disease, Neurofibromatosis, Stewart was suffering from while making it.

In 2005, Stewart made the move to Modern Love and turned his focus to a more club-honed sound, taking in influences from warehouse classics heard in his days of frequenting legendary Manchester clubs like the Hacienda, Home and Paradise Factory. Stewart released two singles in 2005, Lacan / Episode and Patience, before launching a new series at the beginning of 2006.

Early January saw the release of the Warehouse Sessions - a series of broodingly intense club tracks over four vinyl installments. In late 2007, the one sided Dependant promo was released as a teaser to Stewart's long-awaited new album Metanarrative.