Errorsmith Live @ Les Siestes Electronique 2008

It's difficult for us to overstate just how influential Errorsmith (he of the legendary MMM series) has been in the evolution of electro and house (respectively) over the last couple of years. To extend the possibilities of a normal dj setup Errorsmith (mostly with the help of Soundhack) developed a powerful and fierce live set which is simply devastating on the dancefloor. Without loosing the focus on the dancers demand for a pumpin and stompin rhythm, he kick in with an improvised and insprirational jam, to bring back the fun and funk into today's music experience. Full of stretched strings, dysfunctional keys and some padded, beautifully vocoded vocals, it's almost like Errorsmith was challenged to come up with the finest Italo Disco record of the last few years and were only too happy to oblige. Funky as f**k.