Emperor Machine Live @ Les Siestes Electronique 2008

Keeping food on the table through a series of high-profile remixes (Daft Punk, Stephen Malkmus, Royksopp, Soulwax...) Andrew Meecham aka The Emperor Machine (but also part of the legendary Bizarre Inc. and Chicken Lips) is back!

The Legend says his new project, The Emperor Machine, is born spawned from a dirty relationship between an EMS VCS3 and a Roland System 100. And listening to his revitalizing great cuts from the seventies, we would say it's definitly true! Using dusty vintage analogue equipment and equally antiquated recording techniques, Andy combines alien sound effects with metronomic percussion. The melody is all over the place and the instrumentation is live in an almost sneeringly blatant manner.
As said by the Phonica dealers "The Emperor Machine's huge robotic brain has returned once more to shine its cosmic light on planet earth" and we would add when retrofuturistic punk-funk meets nu-disco affair, it can only be a pleasure for the ears.