Eliot Lipp - B-Boy Mix

In the early stages of his music career, Eliot found himself moving from city to city across the country. Lipp made his first move to Chicago. It was there that Lipp took classes in order to make electronic music. Lipp's musical roots were an eclectic mix of hip-hop and electronic/techno music.

The blending of these two genres is obvious throughout his music career as he has continued to find them influential in his music to this day. While living in Chicago, Lipp would record his tracks in his small apartment and feature them at night clubs. To his dismay, Lipp didn't find success forcing these tracks into the hands of club-goers after the show or selling them on eBay. Anxious for life in another city and to really start his music career, Lipp moved out to the Bay Area in San Francisco the moment he turned 18 in 1998. Influenced at the time by the emerging hip-hop scene of the time, Lipp found himself cutting tracks with The Era in 2001. In 2004, along with his cats and dogs, Eliot Lipp packed up his life and music once more to make his next move to Los Angeles because it was there that Lipp felt he could reap in the most opportunities of making an electronic music career along with all of the other artists in search of the same success.

Music career
Los Angeles was very much a temporary home for Lipp. It was a move that he made for his love of music and his pursuit of making it his career. He was able to juggle his time between a job at a coffeehouse and his time recording in his cramped studio.

After long and hot days of recording in the summer, Lipp finally got the break he was looking for. His work (the same tracks that were rejected by the club-goers of Chicago) found their way into the hands of Scott Herren (Warp Records) and Savath+Savalas (Hefty Records), or better known as Prefuse 73.[3] Herren loved Lipp's work and happily signed him onto his Eastern Developments record label in November 2004.

Lipp released the S/T LP that already displayed signs of what is now his signature sound by utilizing Sequential Circuits and Korg ms-20 synths. Music became such a huge part of his life, consuming all of his time and energy, that he left his coffeehouse job on New Years day so he could devote all of his time to music production. Tacoma Mockingbird, released in January 2006[1] , was Lipp's next LP and released on Hefty Records, who has signed Savath & Savalas, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Smaze. Tacoma Mockingbird, Eliot's first album, is all music which reminds him of his home Tacoma, Washington. The album took him an entire year to record.. On Lipp's third LP, Steele Street Scraps, he was able to collaborate with renown electronic musicians John Hughes and Earmint.