Abonimations Live @ Club Transmediale 2008

Seamlessly arbitrary, the conjunction of elements ABOMINATIONS has put its filthy hands on and crushed together since its still very young inception appear to be like those elements' intrinsic character: profane. Genre-defining terms like grindcore, death-metal, black-metal, noise, and its many sub-divisions, call for specific images of genre, its audience, age group, musical mannerisms, social and dress codes, visual/ lyrical imagery and, depending on which side you position yourself, respect, fanaticism or hatred. From another side of the bay, improvisation, sound art, drones, layered sounds, performance art, electronic music and processing, sound poetry, and vocal artistry conjure up a tradition of modern thinking concerned with the evolutionary but critical aspects of development (and sometimes, academic laden over-intellectualization) that the arts have called for.