A Mountain of One Live @ Les Siestes Electronique 2008

A Mountain Of One are something of an oddity. The band is made of three studio boffins who earned their stripes in the techno underground only to embark on this ambitious recording project, one which includes the finest elements of '70s and '80s AOR and prog. More precisely, A Mountain of One exists in the same "nu Balearic" interzone as Swedish duo Studio, albeit with a less clearly pronounced debt to dance music. And if A Mountain of One follow the Verve in becoming a ubiquitous rock music choice for dance fans, it will be as much because they embody what dance fans often presume to be the point of rock (the heightened role of performance, the appearance of lyrical depth... perhaps just its alleged capacity for meaning it) as because of their formal similarities to dance music (electronic brushstrokes and voluptuous over-production).
Statuesque and epic, already compared to Pink Floyd's Meddle, the full 70's Santana or even Arthur Russell, A Mountain of One have built their own stairway to heaven.