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After 10+ years of broadcasting it's the end of an era and samurai.fm is no longer sustainable. It's been a great honour to be one of the first underground broadcasting stations, starting in Tokyo in 2002. We apologise for the sad news but we cannot afford to keep it going despite having some great ideas of how to create a brand new cutting edge music platform.

Streaming is now offline although the site is still viewable to maintain search engine rankings. Artists are still able to download their previously uploaded recordings.

If any benefactors interested in funding a new site come forward then maybe we could get the music streaming again with fresh new technology, otherwise we will say sayonara and thank you for listening.

In the meantime, if you are feeling nostalgic you can leave your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page...


Mary's Flower Superhead live @ Reworks 2009

Mary's Flower Superhead live @ Reworks 2009

Originating from Thessaloniki itself, Mary's Flower Superhead have been locally active since 2003. Having already released their debut album in 2006, they released their new work in October 2009 which was presented for the first time at Reworks. Their live performance has an energy on stage and a disco punk vibe that can kill. Look forward to more from them in future.
Recorded live at the Reworks Festival 2009 in Thessaloniki Greece.



Kach - it is i pt.2

  • Drum & Bass
  • Dirty
  • Punk
  • 0h 21m

Kach - i like it is dnb (pt.1)

  • Drum & Bass
  • Classic
  • Punk
  • 0h 32m
Oleg Bombey


  • Eclectic
  • Cosmic
  • Punk
  • 0h 31m
Not actually a dj set, but a continous compilation of favourite songs selected strictly from 7 inch records especially for VAKARA KVARTĀLS radioshow at Radio Pieci 93.1 FM RIGA
Records I picked up in the US (Dec/Jan 2014)

You would think after all these years of travelling to the US that a) I would get over it and get a green card (I almost did, but that’s another story) and b) have mined pretty much everything there was to find in US shops. Well think again peeps. Here is a but a sample of the weird, wonderful and well pretty damn amazing Aussie oeuvre that I found on record shops in California (San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco) and then took back home in my carry on doing an impression of how 13kgs feels like 4kg, oh, and finally, how much this falls straight from the wonderful era of the 1980s. So, as a special treat show one will almost entirely be rooted in the eighties (or at least with a toe in the hangnail late 70s or early 90s, I am not that fussy) - for more go to http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/wideopenroad
One hour of Ska classic tracks recorded live from on old show on 'Radioactive'
Punk Rock Mix

Punk Mix

  • Punk
  • Rock
  • Noise
  • 0h 34m
Punk sounds. Including rare Instrumentals and remixes.

Novicia´s Tit

  • Hardcore
  • Punk
  • Hard
  • 1h 03m
The new session of the crazy Lambrusko Kid... full of hardcore and punk tunes
"Before skateboarding was hiphop, skateboarding was punk.
I want people to remind the true spirit of the thing itself.
As a musician, i´m infected by the tradition and i always search for the history of my instrument.
This tape is supposed to show you how i hear punk/ hardcore music.
I have the strong belief that listening and understanding this music makes us better people."
Digitize Set “M@zUtKa TOXIC-FX ‘ANTIFA G-Tag party Teil1'' ノイズ・ケイト und ベッチスライダ' illegal von CE-トワーク GmbH(ブードゥ想女日本)~remastered reWerk 2nd. FÜR UNSER BESTEN FREUNDEN !
Wurde im Jahr 2009 (12 Jan) aufgenommen, Berlin, Deutschland
FREE Download für alle Länder (außer Russland) hier beispiel auf der Link → http://pdj.cc/F7Dw1
I was spoiled by choice this week. Record Store Day 2013 brought us a reissue of the first Scientists record, an Apartments re-issue and a new Tame Impala EP. However, none of those made this show’s cut, the bar was set that high. Yes, welcome to Wide Open Road 2013 Show 4. For more see http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/wideopenroad
Welcome to the first proper WOR for 2013 and this one comes guest programmed with love just for you by my dear friend Xiola Blue. We have known each other for too long to admit and most of that time we have shared a love of Australian music spread wide through genres and eras, bands and singers, signed and unsigned. One of the great treats in store for you in this show is the sheer breadth of gold that she has unearthed. And true to the spirit of this show (which I occasionally let slip in the name of rock and roll!) she has linked each set together thematically, as you can see. The tracks are by Xiola Blue and notes are by me, so if I get shit wrong, you know who to smack. see http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/wideopenroad
Tracklist made by :
Comando Infraser pinchadiscos.
Meteoro Dj.

"Dinner with my second cousin"

  • Punk
  • Noise
  • Rock
  • 0h 46m
A good soundtrack for a perfect date, full of hardcore and punk tunes... Just enjoy ...

Lambrusko Kid


  • Punk
  • Hardcore
  • Noise
  • 1h 44m
A new tracklist full of hardcore and punk tunes made by Galis 115 and the big black soul...
Sergiy Sokolov (Exact noise)

Exact Noise mix 021 (29.10.2012)

  • Punk
  • Electronica
  • 1h 00m
compilation and mix - Exact noise
download flac format - http://db.tt/U5XdZ2HD