MYM 7th Anniversary

MYM 7th Anniversary
Recorded live @ Mariana @ Warehouse702 in Tokyo Dec 5th 2009. Thanks to Mike for a killer killer set!
MYM w/ Dave Twomey aka Tr nch & Guests

MYM Extra 021 feat. TR NCH

  • Techno
  • Dubstep
  • Ambient
  • 1h 18m

MYM February 2010 presents you with a veritable feast of music to celebrate just passing our 7th Anniversary - yes that's 7 whole years - of doing the show. Its a been a great 7 years with the likes of Cobblestone Jazz live, Peter Van Hoesen, Gui Boratto & many many more gracing us with livesets and mixes. For this release we give you a set from the legend that is DJ NOBU from Chiba in Japan recorded at YUK's recent Christmas event, a slightly more housey TR NCH warmup set from the same night, a showreel from rising talent IORI (Phonica / Prologue) from Okinawa, a winter mix from LET'S GO OUTSIDE (Soma), DAVE TWOMEY's usual selection of bits and pieces (some of my best of 2009 and some newer bits) plus 2 glorious hours of MIKE PARKER (Geophone) recorded live at MARIANA : M2 @ WAREHOUSE702 in December for Dave's 30th birthday. Watch out for an exciting split EP (with Audion) from him in the near future on SPECTRAL ...