Deep Inside Show presents Marc Ashken

After releasing his 1st album "Have You Seen My Dancing Shoes?" on Leftroom in '08, Marc Ashken went a little bit quiet. The scene with which he'd built his name in went beyond the point of stale and seemed to die overnight - with minimal changing into bongo driven, latino laden, euro house, and so on.

As much as Marc tried to adapt to this new environment, he just could not change his genetic code, the programming was written too strongly into him. So, hesitantly at first, but gathering speed as they went, tiny little pieces of Marc began to brake off. Flesh and braces playfully peeling themselves away and floating carelessly into the air, piece by piece. The converse and the curls, slowly breaking apart and taking on a life of their own.

With this Marc slowly reformed his new style, filled full of funk and hip swinging love that you can hear in this mix.