Birthday Party @ Club Transmediale 2008

The Birthday Party Crew are: Ben B the Master of Disaster and Chief Consultant on French Hip-Hop. Sly1 Prime Minister of Slammin Electro-Jams and Hell-fired Garage. Lil' Jean Minister of Education and two-time winner of the Bday Party Dance Contest. Dj Donna Summer Ambassador of Goodwill and selector of booty-rocking jamz. OhBoyGeorgeMichaelJacksonPollock Secretary of State and wild-eyed purveyor of Funk. Uncle T Head-Supervisor of Party Damage and Vice-President of Dance Floor Merry-making. MC Jane Special Agent in charge of media assassination and all around nice person.


CURSES!* is not a total rookie. Wrapped in this elegantly designed cloak of mystery is bass heavyweight champ DROP THE LIME. Under this new guise, he's all about reigniting the excitement of early nineties dance music. But he's so not retro. His peculiar brand of mutated house defies everything you think you know about 'proper club music'. He makes evil records that challenge you to play them out, LOUD, and then amply reward you for doing so.

When Drop The Lime hijacks his doppelganger's music, he shows no mercy and punches up pretty much everything. The resulting all-levels-in-the-red, jacked-up House morphs in and out of Electro, Dubstep and Grime and is, frankly speaking, kind of scary. In a good way. In a Female Convict Scorpion way.


For his noisy, bleepy performances as Huoratron, Finland's Aku Raski uses hacked, hand-held icons of 80s technology: Nintendo Gameboy consoles. The consoles are modified to produce distorted, rough sounds and heavy bass that were never features of the original product. He has remixed Zarkus and Jori Hulkkonen, and a Huoratron track was included on the Bunker Records 2005 compilation Sound of Sumi. Raski is a Helsinki-based composer, producer and artist. He also performs as part of Nu Science and Rolf Sebastian.