Eat Concrete Radio with Pete Concrete + Friends

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Eat Concrete Radio with Pete Concrete + Friends

  • Crossover
  • Electronica
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  • Netherlands

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Eat Concrete Radio Feat Enemy Earth | March 2009

  • Electronica
  • Crossover
  • 1h 11m
Eat Concrete Radio Feat. Enemy Earth

Eat Concrete is a diverse and dynamic music label, firmly rooted in the Dutch electronic music scene. The record label was founded as a means of releasing our own music in a much wider and more open environment than offered by established labels and other music media. In 2005 the name Eat Concrete was first used for giving out mixes and recordings and as the name for a radioshow hosted by Pete Concrete, founder of the label. Early 2006 the first records were released, built up from material by friends and like minded artists, most of them involved in music for many years. Backed up by those interested in and related to us, the Eat Concrete network grew out into a musical platform, independent and open minded.

Many record labels try to establish themselves by maintaining an image or profile. Eat Concrete aspires to let go of this framed state of mind and preserve an openness in it's approach to releasing music. This doesn't mean anything goes, or that Eat Concrete is oblivious to it's time and it's spirit. It means that, rather than a signature style or profile, EC practices a sense of quality and integrity.

A record label that looks beyond commercial goals and standards gains the freedom to experiment with music, reinvent itself and be truly progressive. Around the time of this writing Eat Concrete has released around fifty tracks in over a dozen different genres. In little more than two years Eat Concrete has explored a vast spectrum of music and, with it, created a breeding ground for future works to deepen, firm and shape Eat Concrete's qualities as a music label.

On the March 2009 show they present Enemy of the Earth whose single they will release this month. Check their website for more information.

Plays: 1,465 (1,227 legacy)

Heat Map


    • Eat Concrete @ Samurai FM
    • March 2009
    • Mixed by RECOR of Enemy Earth
    • Golden Nose - Axolotl
    • Bjork - Amphibian
    • Boy King Islands - I Talk to the Wind
    • Koushik - Be With
    • Panda Bear - Guys Eyes
    • Zombies - Leave Me Be
    • Goblin Glasses - Mothership
    • Ichiro - Be Quiet
    • Electric Egypt - Liquid space pt 2
    • Satyajit Ray - Amal Leaves
    • Clutchy Hopkins & Shawn Lee - Bad Influence
    • Can - Bring Me Coffee or Tea
    • Satyajit Ray - Bhupatis Grief
    • Shin Joong Hyun & the Men - It's A Lie
    • Omar Rodriguez Lopez - At The Push of a Button
    • John Lennon - I Dont Wanna Be a soldier, I dont want To Die
    • Satyajit Ray - Charu Recalls Childhood
    • Enemy Earth - random
    • Fikret Kizilok - Oysa ben
    • Satyajit Ray - Charus Theme
    • John Frusciante - Heaven


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