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SPENCER K - Jett Records Radioshow 55

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  • 1h 02m
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(Suara/ KD Music/ Bouq/ FR)
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my birthday mix yeah

Come and House me, Dear

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straight & lovely House Tracks of the last years
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(Voltage Musique/ Get Physical/ Ideal Audio/ DE)
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EPM Music

EPM Podcast #56 | DJ Godfather

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  • 0h 57m
Following MGUN’s ‘This House is My Home Mix’ the next release in the EPM Podcast series continues along the Motor City skyline, this time showcasing the booty bass, ghetto tek, trap and twerk turntablism of the one and only DJ Godfather. Detroit’s very own award winning DJ, the master turntablist and heavy-hitting producer, DJ Godfather launches his brand new label Dirty Knock in fine style and this mix showcases many up and coming releases from the label including the debut release ‘Dirty Rats, Booms N Claps’ alongside next single ‘#STFU!’ which closes the mix. From DJ Deeon, DJ Assault, DJ Rashad, DJ Clent, Erik Travis, Aaron Carl, and Oktored to Kanye West, Jay-Z, Dizzee Rascal, Major Lazer, Diplo, Hardwell, Steve Angello and of course plenty of Godfather’s own rump-shaking productions the mixmaster showcases just where his style and new label are going.
With Dirty Knock, DJ Godfather is taking the original ghetto tech sound to the next level and bringing in the latest twerk and trap styles. So get ready for the massive sub bass to bust out your speakers and the jumping beats to keep them jerking and twerking all over the dancefloor. With plenty more trail blazing material ready to be let loose on the label including some hefty collaborations and DJ Godfather’s new weekly Dirty Knock club night already unleashed in Detroit, this is the start of something big.
As Godfather himself says. "Getting excited to launch Dirty Knock. With the success we've had with ghetto tech music over the years, and the influence we've had with new genres of music like twerk and trap music, we are ready to bring it all together under one roof!"

EPM Podcast 56 – DJ Godfather tracklist

DJ Godfather & Oktored - Where The Hoes In This House
Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie (DJ Godfather Ghetto Trap Remix)
DJ Deeon - Drop, Pop, Shake It
Steve Angello - KNAS (Dillion Francis Remix)
DJ Clent - Bounce (Mike Love Edit)
Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime & Salve Trap Mix)
DJ Godfather - Drop That Thang Down
Jonny Megabyte - Get To Werk
Chi Boogie - Throw Your Hands Up
Hardwell - Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Mix)
Nick Catchdubs - Pop That Party Break
DJ Surgeon - Kille Killa
DJ Rashad - Girls Bust Down
TNGHT - Higher Ground
Kaptain Cadillac - Bounce & Bang
UFO - It's A Trap
DJ Godfather - Ass So Fat
2 Chainz - I'm Different (Transition to Enferno Remix)
DJ Godfather - UP!
Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Dancefloor Champion
Jay-Z - Tom Ford (Transition)
DJ Rashad & Chi Boogie - Aye Yo Yo
DJ Omega - Disco 78'
DJ Godfather - Make That M.F.
DJ Rashad - Let's Go
Mister Ries - Get Freaky
A-Trak - Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion Remix)
5150 - Face Down, Ass Up
GTA - Booty Bounce (Filthy Disco Remix)
A$ap Rocky Ft Drake - F#ckin' Problems (Transition)
Tropkillaz - Hotdamn!
Lil Mama - Lipgloss (Gold Top Remix)
DJ Nasa - Handz Up (Acapella)
DJ Godfather & MC Flipside - You So Flexable
Sugar Crush - Make Clap
Diplo Ft. Travis Porter - Biggie Bounce (Twerk Remix)
Major Lazor - Jet Bleu Jet (Tropkillaz Twerk Remix)
Al Ca$ino & Too Short - Only For Tonight (DJ Godfather Dirty Knock Remix)
DJ Krayz - Shake Ya (Transition)
Chi Boogie - Hoez 2 Da Flo
DJ Slugo - Bounce
Aaron Carl - No
Kill Frenzy - Make That Back Drop
Erik Travis - Return Of Voices
Kill Frenzy - The Booty
Le Car - Aluminum Rectangles
DJ Godfather - Bounce N' Break Yo Back
Gent & Jawns - Turn Up
DJ Godfather & Lil Mz 313 - Super Swag
Flosstradamus - Mosh Pit (Kayzo Remix)
Chi Boogie - 1, 2, 3, 4
DJ Godfather - Databass L.I.V.E.
DJ Godfather - Bang, Bang (Transition)
Martin Garrix - Animals (Tall Boys Twerk Remix)
Dillion Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low
Smookie Illson - Club 187
DJ Godfather & DJ Assault - Ass N Titties (DJ Godfather Twerk Remix)
Lil Mz 313 - No Cash, No Ass
Kanye West, Jay Z & Big Sean - Clique (Transition)
Sheefy McFly - Flavors
DJ Godfather, Chuck D & Troublemakr - #STFU!

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Q&A with DJ Godfather

1. Please give us a quick run through the music in the mix. What inspired you to choose these tracks?

Well, I've always loved any kind of bass music. I've done Ghetto Tech for 20 years. With Trap and Twerk music getting hot over the past few years I wanted to incorporate my style with these newer genres. It's all bass music to me at different tempos………

2. How do you see Dirty Knock fitting alongside your other labels such as Database, Twilight 76 and Juke Trax?

Dirty Knock is just like my other labels but with a new twist and sound. I'll always do Ghetto Tech cause it's my heart but there are new genres popping up every day now. With Dirty Knock, I wanted to take my signature sound and incorporate it with the newer styles……..

3. What were your first experiences of dance music and going to clubs in Detroit?

I was DJing in teen clubs before I was even old enough to get in the real clubs. But I was already up on Detroit Techno and Miami Bass music. That's what was hot……

4. Talking of which, how is your new weekly club night ‘Dirty Knock’ going at Detroit’s Grasshopper?

Going great, it's a small intimate place with a killer sound system. We have different Trap, Twerk and Ghetto Tech artists come though every week with tweak girls shaken' ass and the Jitters battling…..

5. Please help us out here. What is the difference between ‘trap’ and ‘twerk’?

Trap is 70-80 BPM. It's had the head bob meets big festival sound and Twerk is a little more uptempo at 100-110 BPMs. Twerk music actually come from Bounce music from New Orleans. One one give Nola credit for Twerk!

6. What would you say was the soundtrack to your youth?

Detroit Techno, Miami Bass and Gangsta Rap!

7. Which new producers and DJs should we be looking out for?

Too many great ones! Look out for my homie DJ Zebo & DJ Clent from Chicago, Lil Mz 313, Sheefy McFly, Oktored, Chuck D, and Troublemakr from Detroit and MC Flipside from Toronto!

8. Where is the strangest place you have ever DJed?

Hmmmmmm….that's hard to answer. A lot of places were strange to me!

9. How is life in Detroit at the moment?

Detroit is always home so it's good. Just opened 2 nightclubs here I'm a part owner of………

10. Which 10 records are currently getting the most rotation in your sets?

1. DJ Godfather & Lil Mz 313 - Super Swag
2. Sugar Crush - Make Clap
3. Meaux Green & Party Favor - G-String
4. DJ Godfather, Chuck D & Troublemakr - #STFU!
5. Quickie Mart - Ass Rotation
6. Smookie Illson - Work Dat
7. The 40oz Profits - Do The Trap Dance
8. Willie Joy - Geeks
9. DJ Rashad - Get Down On The Floor
10. DJ Godfather - UP! (unreleasd - forthcoming on Dirty Knock)
Jullien Polewka

CHUBE.KA - Jett Records Radioshow 53

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  • 1h 02m
This week
(Intacto/ Area remote/ Thirtyonetwenty/ IT)
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Jullien Polewka

LUCA BORTOLO - Jett Records Radioshow 52

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  • 1h 00m
This week
(Beagle Traxx/ Robsoul Recordings/ Catwash Records/ IT)
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  • 1h 00m
Here's Ferry's latest 1 hour mix, Ferry's Fix, also available for stations to broadcast - contact r...@dancetherapy.nl - also contact me about Ferry's weekly show - Corsten's Countdown - the world's only interactive EDM radio show

Scape One

Cosmic Jams Vol.15

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  • 1h 13m
The bottom line is... we're rappin' rhymes to the rockin' grooves!
This week
(Mindshake Records/ Viva Music/ Trapez/ IT)
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This week
(Jett Records/ Rennbahn Records/ Harthouse/ FR)
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Alle Namen

Parallele Welten [dj set]

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  • 1h 36m