And one more year

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Still Doing It

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  • 1h 14m
This is an all vinyl mix. There are some quality tunes on here, hope you enjoy. It's pretty much thumping from start to Groove Armada at the end.

Peace, Sam :)

All music included in this mix is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks are available to download safely and legally. DONT STEAL MUSIC.
surface2air music

General Direction NYE 2007

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  • 1h 19m
Recorded at a NYE house party in Leeds (UK) back in 2007. Loads of people and DJs there, we eventually got onto the decks about 3am. Glad to say it went right off. If you listen then I hope you enjoy, i'll be uploading more of my oldies mixes and any new ones I get round to doing.
Peace, Sam :)

All music included in this mix is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks are available to download safely and legally. DONT STEAL MUSIC.
Versus 5 is back with a new concept, "Digital Underground"
In the mix he has brought in some of the freshest tracks and
the great high energy that comes with them.

Knuspermix 2013-12 / 3 - Trigger-Happy

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  • 1h 07m
Oh yes - Mix No. 3 for this month. This time a little bit more melodic
and electric. As always - vinyl only! Put on your dancing shoes...
Aka Tell

Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions #35

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"Hangover Sessions" is Aka Tell´s monthly DJ-podcast.

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Dmitriy Makkeno

Commercial vol.12

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  • 0h 59m
EPM Music

EPM Podcast #51 | Paul Du Lac

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  • 1h 12m
After Angel Alanis landmark 50th EPM Podcast we now bring you a gem of a mix from Bio Rhythm’s Paul du Lac. From italo-disco to jacking Chicago house, techno and electro Paul’s mix brings the best elements of each together into a punchy and adventurous mix. From Joe Lentini and Funkineven to John Heckle, Armando, James Ruskin, Drexciya and featuring forthcoming Bio Rhythm releases from himself and Villa Abo Mr. du Lac sprinkles his own West Coast magic into the mix.

Rotterdam underground maverick Paul du Lac is one of the hottest players of the Dutch West Coast scene, and it’s hard to resist his intense but sexy mix of jacking house & techno oddities and EBM/disco noir.

As a kid Paul already played regularly at the notorious Rotterdam Basement nights (the Dutch late nineties legendary techno venue) and nowadays he picks his gigs with care, from small underground parties to international venues such as Panoramabar, Batofar or Moog.

Besides being a great DJ, Paul’s deep and rough Chicago-inspired productions on Clone records and his own Bio Rhythm record label have received glowing praise the world over. His label has also brought a topnotch selection of (Detroit) techno & disco to jacking house, acid and beyond by artists such as Hieroglyphic Being, Tevo Howard, Crystal Maze, Duplex and Mr. du Lac himself.

On his everlasting search for the hottest grooves in the galaxy, Paul du Lac easily seduces any crowd by relentlessly bringing the very essence of electronic dance on both the spiritual and physical level. And on his mix for the EPM podcast you can hear for yourselves why Paul du Lac is in ever more demand to get the dancefloor jacking!

To download/stream EPM Podcast 51 – Paul du Lac click here

EPM Podcast 51 – Paul du Lac tracklist

Shock - Dream Games
Joe Lentini - Frinse
Shitcluster - Untitled
Funkineven - Aviator
Shit & Shine - Shower Curtain
Frak - Malad
John Heckle - Back Alley Terminator (Mick Wills Remix)
Kontravoid - Native State
Drexciya - Aquatic Bata Particles
Armando - Venture 001
7th Movement - Odyssey
James Ruskin - The Divide
Beau Wanzer - Hoedown
Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth
Gesloten Cirkel - Hole
Krisp - Fractor
DJ Skull - The Graveyard Orchestra
Quazar - The Seven Stars
Paul Du Lac - Spank (Forthcoming Bio Rhythm)
Adjowa - Red Leather (Funkineven Remix)
Dbx - Electric Shock
Garonneman - Budget Cyborg
Delroy Edwards - Untitled
Oliver Kapp - The Crossing
Villa Abo - Untitled (Forthcoming Bio Rhythm) You can subscribe to all of EPM’s podcasts via iTunes.

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Q&A with Paul du Lac

1. Please give us a quick run through the music in the mix. What inspired you to choose these tracks?

It's mostly stuff I've been playing lately, most records came straight out of my record bag which hasn’t been unpacked since my latest gig. It's some techno classics from forgotten corners in my collection mixed with some popular and jacking nowadays stuff, a couple of oddities and forthcoming tracks, topped off with hints of disco. I’m bored quite easily, so when I play I need both depth and pumping action going on. A constant flow of adrenalin and the occasional mood change are necessary.

2. Your production seems to be inspired by early, raw Chicago house. Who were they key people that inspired you to start producing music?

Difficult to say... I've had many influences. When I started buying records I found out quickly that amazing stuff was coming from Detroit, which has always been my major influence. But I was interested in a lot of stuff, house, hip hop, electro, IDM, italo, wave, industrial and even hardcore techno as they used to play at the free parties. Friends started to make music and I did too. I started playing around with music software, mostly resulting in unplayable weird or dark stuff. Then I bought some hardware, which happened to be at the same time I was listening to a lot of early Chicago house and Omar-S and the likes. In order to get some results I decided to focus, and do simple lo-fi house tracks. It was a practical decision. I had little time, little equipment and shit sound, so I started to jack. I’m planning to widen my palette in the near future though.

3. What is it about Holland’s West Coast? There seems to be a very strong underground dance music legacy that has been carried on.

Yes, but I think good and similar stuff is being made everywhere. Holland is such a small country and most of the big cities lay pretty much next to each other. And there’s dope electro coming from Friesland just as easy as there’s hot disco coming from Limburg.

In fact the nineties Bunker/Viewlexx/Clone acid/electro days was what created (and justified) this romantic and appealing idea of a Dutch West Coast sound. But I wasn't really part of this, so in this regard I don't see myself as a traditional West Coast artist.

But concerning the Rotterdam area, there’s still plenty small labels and odd but talented DJs and producers who all know each other more or less, and with Clone being kind of the core connecting them. But to say there is a wild and coherent scene going on... Rotterdam clubs never invite me to play so I'm not sure about that, haha. But there are small organisations doing their thing just for the sake of music so that's cool.

4. What were your first experiences of dance music?

I was really just a small boy, and my older brother was taping music from the radio, so I heard stuff like French Kiss or Stakker Humanoid, which probably permanently altered some neural connections in my young brain. Later on I started to go to parties and sneak into notorious clubs like Nighttown or Parkzicht. It was proto-hardcore days in Rotterdam, things were about to explode. I met guys who were deejaying and I started deejaying and buying records too. Clubs and record stores were just around the corner so it was a natural environment, we were techno kids.

5. How do you see your label, Bio Rhythm developing? And what plans are there for next year?

I'm pretty happy with the label, somehow things fell into place and it all makes sense: the music, the logo, the concept, the feel... a label should be more than just some music, it should tickle the imagination, tell a story or create its own little galaxy. I hope to find time to expand this conceptual side of things and let the label grow, and maybe do some label nights as well, when there's funky locations with a proper sound system available.

For next year expect some brand new Villa Abo stuff, more 'beyond deep' techno by Crystal Maze, and stuff I cannot reveal yet. Also more solo stuff from me, but I'll be doing some collaborations as well. I just did some jamming with Ian Martin for instance which was quite promising. Also I’m working on some remixes for other labels. Oh and of course my own 'Living Low' ep that should be out in a couple of weeks.

6. You have also released on Clone’s Jack For Daze imprint. How did you come into contact with the Clone family?

Clone opening its doors in Rotterdam was of major significance, I discovered so much new (and old) music there. Obviously I used to hang there a lot, and Serge said I might as well stand on the other side of the counter. I started working there on saturdays, when I was still studying, and I still work there now, doing office stuff and buying and selecting music.

7. Who is your all time favourite DJ? And why?

I haven’t got one. I've heard so many DJs playing all kinds of fantastic stuff. But in the end DJs that have influenced me the most were not the big international names, but mostly friends and local guys. We have always had quite some good local DJs. And most of the DJs I admire not because they have such exceptional skills, but because they just play interesting or original stuff. But of course you want some names, so here we go... I'm always interested in selections of guys like Pametex, Klen, Traxx, Mick Wills, Gstring, I-f, Jamal Moss, Mark du Mosch... I definitely forget some, there should be plenty more good DJs. Most of them I probably never heard. I must also point out Dimitri from Amsterdam who I heard do some crazy shit back in the day, and Nighttown resident Ronald Molendijk, who was playing lots of club and deep house which I learned to appreciate at the time. But for both of them, that was over 20 years ago.

8. How do you occupy your time outside of music?

I have a very busy life. I live with my girlfriend and our two little kids who I try to give a happy life. For this I need the day job since I make not enough money out of music. Unfortunately this leaves me little time, so any spare time I fill in carefully. Besides music I have a keen interest in philosophy, science, politics, literature, art, etc etc. I have lots of ideas and I try to write and read as much as possible, and hopefully my metaphysical theories will save the world one day. I also write on a freelance base for companies or anyone who needs a proper text or story, which I try to expand more and more. In the weekends I either DJ or stay home and live the family life. After dark I do music and sometimes I sleep too. Times are not that easy for people with artistic tendencies that are difficult to squeeze in a commercial business plan, so it's hard.

9. Which new producers or DJs have recently caught your eye?

Obviously all the Bio Rhythm artists :) And not sure if they are still new, but guys like Funkineven, Beau Wanzer, GB, Actress, Mgun, Fishermen or Vakula to name a few, seem to have a fresh approach… Gesloten cirkel is quite funky too, and his best work he doesn't even release. Again I probably forget a lot of names, sorry guys! And of course plenty of occasional good tracks come out, but few producers have a constant and original high-level output.

10. Please give your current top 10:

Delroy Edwards - Untitled EP
Beau Wanzer - Outside Auto
Shit & Shine - Shower Curtain
Mgun - Some Tracks
Garonneman - Bingo Nights
Black Sites - Prototype EP
Interplanetary Prophets - Zero Hour
Skatebard - The Bells Of Mist
Ovatow - In Loving Memory Of Juvenile Jay
Drexciya - Deep Sea Dweller V


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Cosmic Jams Vol.9

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  • 1h 12m
It's time to rock the breaks and we're gonna' get you hot with the monster jams.
Eduardo de Luis ( aka Dj Zombi )

Toxic Crew at The Secret Spot

  • Electro
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  • 2h 00m
Improvised electro, techno, acid session....
Electrofunk and disco, we talk about the origins here... without forgetting some good items from House music ... let's dance

Enjoy and share ... Keep It Alive (Next Episode in a week)

“I spin the Black Circle since a long time and I wanted to offer anything else than my classical electro mix. “Welcome to my Galactic Vinyl Church”, it’s a travel through my boxes of Vinyl, through the time, through some influences, through the genres, through my vision of Electronic music, and I hope, with some soul. (Episode 7).

Why Vinyl? Because Vinyl is the Spirit of Deejaying, because it is the memory and the diversity of Music, because I want to be an human behind my turntables. I don’t want to sell my creativity to a digital brand, depend on it and its future options.
I want to have control and not be controlled.
Vinyl Culture, we are one!”
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Play On #07

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Electronic Music Radio Show
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