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dom duchamp


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dom duchamp
dom duchamp and other goon monikers. mixtapes since the crib, cypher writer, spread love merchant & division leader at
bringing new music, diggin, round ups of all the best videos + free downloads from Soundcloud each week, music writing, Q&As & chin wags with upcoming artists plus this, that & the other.

EVERY SUNDAY 20:00 - 22:00



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  • 2h 00m
As was foretold in the prophecies of Steady B, Adtrax was never to make it to 50. On it’s 49th iteration it fell into a trance, spun a Charles Stepney shaped cocoon for itself and was dissolved back into the great vacuum of space. 30 days later, stepping out all nifty looking like Mr Benn n sht, Adtrax had metamorphosed into the∞weight.

the∞weight is an affinity weapon whose arsenal is entirely vibratory , giving you brand spanking new hip hop and electronic music with soul, but also mad dust from the crates – anything deep, sincere and with heart emanating from the musical mothership: funk, boogie, be-bop, house … whatever feels.

So get your dancing house-shoes on, turn the TV off, take your ADHD pill, connect with the universe inside of you and tune in from 20:00 – 22:00 GMT every Sunday on for a right ole knees up with the infinite.


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  • 1h 51m
Insert gushing words of praise for all involved here: .....


From Sunday 14th September - every week 20:00 to 22:00
New show - THE∞WEIGHT


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  • 2h 02m
Whattuppdow. These words are the emissaries of Adtrax 48. They describe the 2 man-hours of drunken sonatas and meticulous poems that myself & Axion 117 have blended into a sonic nectar and now lies just a link click away from percolating deliciously through your noggin’s fabled ear-gates. Upon breaching said ear-gates, Adtrax 48 promises to sally forth into the wondrous citadel of your greymatter carrying with it missives from some of the galaxies most dope sound-sorcerers and electric-feelers. Do not fear, Adtrax 48 is not an agent of capital, it wants nothing in return, only to share what it has found because it believes in the power of music and has meander-scoured the earth to bring you nuthin but the illest spreadlove to help unfurl your third-eye. If you are stirred or anyway moistened by something flowing within the waters of Adtrax 48 then please visit the delta at where you will find details of the emanation addresses of all the artists and where you can find a sht load of treasure that will make you want to pledge currency in lieu of their future voyages.

Big respect and thank you to the dude Axion 117 for the dope guest mix this month.


  • Hip-Hop
  • Eclectic
  • Electronica
  • 2h 00m
Adtrax 47 & I promise it’s not world cup themed. This month I’m on a bicycle made for two with King of SwayBap - yrs*trly, a super talented cat from Orlando {put your own fkn joke about Seaworld here} who you will be hearing a lot about in the future, no doubt. Dude has delivered a little nugget of a mix that’s wee but as dense as fkn osmium crystals or summat.

So an entrée from me containing one from the excellent new Taylor McFerrin album, a track from Cvd’s excellent 'Surgical Golsmith' album and another taster from the extremely special Stanely Ipkuss and Ewonee Thee Beatnik record that has been constant noise in my headphones all month. It also contains nuts.

So to the feast, the nouvelle cuisine. Plenty yrs*trly crew represented here with dopeness from Native Feel and an ill exclusive from language. Everything is tasty but there are bigguns from tuf luv and rxn and two sneaky peeks from yrs*truly hibadself. Love it, and skits as well, how I love skits.

So then me again for the rest of the show. There’s Hip Hop including ‘Nightstalkers’ off the brill Mindsone & Kev Brown album (shouts to ELU for the headsup on that and the new Ratking) and one from UK’s finest Cappo. Beats from the bsd.u & howiewonder from their uwonder project, 2 from the might of Constrobuz and possibly my favourite track of the month from Zeroh off the lateste ace Earwax Fizzica release. Snuck another exclusive off the monster new Blameful Isles on at the end after one from Hermutt Loby’s meganext Baraki joint. There’s a lot more, but if I keep writing I’ll start talking about Ross Barkley. So enjoy.

Almighty thanks to yrs*trly for the co-curation on this one. Check him out summor here:

Next month we unleash the full force of Shuya Sato, AKA Axion 117 on Adtrax 48 plus some before that some goodies in the shape of a suitably outthere interview with bsd.u.

Enjoy enjoy and you could look here if you fancied


  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Deep
  • 2h 06m

So here we are full of Mayness already. New show for you, an hour of brand spanking new sht from me and then an hour mix courtesy of homie Blameful Isles aka Honks Burry, who has blessed us with an inspirations mix. More on that innabit.

So I had to kick the show off with the Scoop De Ville produced leak off the forthcoming Fatima album on Eglo. Like old Georgie Benson says I got love x love for this new project, it’s going to drop the people’s elbow and count out most other album’s out this year fosho. Just an album of Fatima is almost too much for me, let alone when it’s produced by Floating Points and Theo Parrish. Oof.

So much good music again this month, I basically had to close my eyes and pin the tail on the donkey…if my playlist was a donkey and my the pin was..hmm.
Anyway, I got spiffy new beats for you from Aru2, Sir Froderick flippin Andwele G, 2 languid beauts from Chambry and axion117. New music from our boy Spacedtime, and two corkers from the latest Raw Tapes comp; some dope innovation from Beno and some righteous fire from the super talented KerenDun. There’s a sneak courtesy of Blameful Isles of the forthcoming epicness of his new album plus the swangtabulous ‘when.ur.gone’ by bsd.u.
Of course, there’s some Kaelin Ellis. I don’t know what to say about Kaelin Ellis. It shouldn’t make any difference that he is 16, but seriously this new album on Collective Res. How?
Hip Hop obviously: my standout off the new Pharoah Monche, Jewbei’s Heltah Skeltah rework (buss your head to the white meat), one from ‘Pinata’ plus lots a utha ish. Quick shout out to Notuv for the remix of Mario I finish my section with, have a quick listen to the original before you dive in so you can get the full flavour of what an incredible remix it is!

So to a man like Blameful Isles. We’ve been keeping crazy tabs on this guy for aeons from the spire of ADTRAX towers like some jazz coveting Sauron murfos. You might know him better as Honks Burry, and we love the Honks alias, but being deeply perverted in the ways of the cosmos, of course we have an even bigger penchant for the man’s releases for Urban Waves under his Blameful Isles moniker. Been lucky enough to get a snifter of the new album, and fk, doff your pork pie hats people, this cat does not have it in him to even think about fkn about. Its epic, it’s mad brave, its his contemporary beatmaker’s version of the avant-gard/spiritual/free-jazz, it’s the nuts. Will keep you posted on the release date through where extra goodies will be appearing shortly in the form of an interview and some other nutrition.

So to his mix. No prizes for guessing its got jazz as its power source. Strap yourself in and do the whole thing in one sitting, do not flinch, do not skip, just let your ears eat some different food, a balanced diet is very good for you, especially when it is Swedish Jazz. So we literally kick off! with Christian Scott having at us with some Blackadder theme tune/Tom Waits carve up shenanigans and then get deeper still with beauts from the Eje Thelin Group, the barnstorming ‘Ando’ by Björn J:son Lindh & Janne Schaffer, the ace prog-folk-funk of Gentle Giant, and music from what should be everyone’s favourite band – the mighty Can. There are inspirations from Braxton, Hancock and DeJonette plus all manner other goodies for your sonic palette. Big big thanks for isles for sharing the musical inspiration and wisdom. Go check him on his Soundcloud page here .The mix will be up on my Soundcloud page on the 16th May if you would like a download and all the links will be up on the website for DLing buying and supporting all the amazing artists featured this month.

That’s it then. Big sharts to yrs*trly, Chambry and Blameful for bequeathing us the unreleased business this calendar munf.

Next month will be on the collabo with Orlando’s only yrstrly. Looking forward to that.

Soon. Duchamp.


  • Hip-Hop
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  • Dirty
  • 1h 56m
Tip of the hat. New show ready to fly the nest & as always Sam FM gets it first. It’s 45 and this month I’m chuffed to say it’s me and the stellar Ritchrd on selector duties.

The DL will up on the 15th over on the Soundcloud page and the whole shebang will be up by then at adtrax HQ with goodies.

So its me 1st, then Ritchrd then a bit more me.

We kick off the show with some exceptional bittersweet courtesy of Long Arm ft I.V.A & drum collaborator Ruslan G. It’s an incredible thing but sadly it’s been released because it’s the only surviving song off Long Arm's next album for Project Mooncircle that was lost last month! Get it, mourn it, I swear when I heard that had happened a tear came out my eye.
Looking forward to the new Apollo Brown instrumental album ‘Thirty Eight’ due on Mello Music soon. Apollo without tired rappers is always a treat. We got the sneak ‘The Answer’ which is heavily on the DJ Shadow tip.
If you don’t like Green Assassin Dollar, you might wanna stop listening to ADTRAX for a bit. Two more belters from three new projects turned out this month. I would have put more on but I felt mancrush ashamed.
What else, 2 tracks featuring rapper Oliver the 2nd, the guest spot on the beatless Jonwayne Annie-Mac freebie and in tandem with Jeremiah Jae on the Ka-esque ‘Survival’.
There are 2 tracks from label to watch Rap Vacation’s Family Jams Vol.1. Proper excited about this splinter cell of fractured nextnuss.
2, lots of 2’s, from the corkin new DIBIASE ‘Excuse the Tape Hiss’ EP. One from the quality De La Dilla tribute beattape, always nice to see some Dilla tributes that don’t suck.
Kickdrums and ‘tronics from a number of directions including some nice electrictech from datassettes excellent record for R&S, an ace Zapp-monstrous cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings Of You’ by Chromadadata, biggun from Pomo, an all build-up piece of happiness from the man-of-the-mo Leon Vynehall and lots of other shiny things to caw about.

Sandwiched in between that lot is a proper pearl of where-it’s-at courtesy of San Fran’s Ritchrd.
Been an absolute pleasure getting to know this dude a little bit over the course of the month. When I approach people about doing guest slots for the show, I am always saying ‘just do what ever you want, do something creative, something that feels like you.’ Well mission accomplished. Now you are able to hear what a nitrazepam disco ball of 5% tint hip hop energy unleashed through malfunctioning future music technology sounds like. Need a break from your waking nightmare of capitalist realism? Been waiting 25 years for a new World Class Wreckin’ Cru album? Yes, thought so, then spark one up and clear the decks for this perfectly paced bit of right-on featuring SENSEI HIMSELF, Culp, BOLO YEUNG, XXYYXX and a shtload more with, gasp, 3 poison-umbrlla-top-secret rubs from the man hisself.

All of Ritchrd’s new music is delivered through Soundcloud and Bandcamp so I advise you to go and press follow on those because there is compelling evidence to suggest there is going to be something with a yield-to-weight ratio of 6 megatons appearing on those web addresses in the next year or so. If you haven’t already been bumping the little bit too good MAGICHATBOY joint from a couple of months ago, stop being silly, and make that happen. You want drum lessons, you can get them by listening to the track ‘thousand' on his SC page.

If you want to get to know more about this mysterious night creature, then well good luck to ya, he doesn’t really do self-hype, although a twitter follow will provide you with some political leanings, some witticisms and a koan or two, or you could check the adtrax page in the next week or so for a lil something something.


Next month, vurr happy to say homie Blameful Isles (Honks Burry) will be providing guest action. Gonna be a deep one.

Enjoy. Lv lv Duchamp.