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Karim Sahraoui presents SOUL MONKEY Sessions


  • Techno
  • House
  • Deep
  • France
Karim Sahraoui presents SOUL MONKEY Sessions
New man, new life, new music.

Recently, Karim Sahraoui was ready to abandon the music industry for good until a fortunate turn of events completely changed his mind. « I am back, thank God, with a new perspective » says the man previously operating under the pseudonyms, Djinxx, Soul Monkey and Electronic Resistance. Today he’s working under his real name and is ready to release several projects under Derrick May’s label, Transmat.

This is a true renaissance for the Frenchman who had put his career on hold to pursue new horizons in Asia. However, it was during this time that two elements intertwined to change the course of his life.

The first was spiritual. Away from his normal environment and western habits, Karim embarked on a spiritual journey that has profoundly affected his music. The DJ and producer finally found answers to questions he had long initiated about his faith, the nature of his music and the electronic music scene.

The second was musical and the landmark encounters he has had with Derrick May : they met in Singapore in 2010 where the iconic author of Strings of Life enquired about Karim’s ‘journey’; and again two years’ later – just as Karim was at the point of giving up – Derrick got back in touch, full of admiration for his new tracks (Karim released Mr Teleportation and Nightflow in late 2012) and keen to sign him to his label.

The french DJ and producer is not easily impressed, he has created an array of work (such releases as Cocoon, Ovum, Delsin and Bedrock) and has helped to discover musicians such as Chymera and Elias Landberg (known as ‘Skudge’). So when your idol, who has launched artists including Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen and Kenny Larkin, wants to sign you to their label, it would be madness to hesitate. Derrick May is a true mentor and thanks to him, his label Transmat is a real springboard for artists.

This new start has clearly provided Karim with a whole new outlook on his music. « I feel like starting on this label is akin to starting from scratch » he says.

He has a new momentum, fed by the same dynamism for which he is known and using the know-how and inspiration which has singled out such epic works as Jupiter Funk or Stella. « Derrick understood that I had to travel far to create these new pieces. The result is that my music is much more free and I worry less about it because I feel as if I have less to prove »

Indeed, the irresistible rise of Horns of Glory has an almost quasi-cosmic perspective, merging Karim’s newly-discovered links between the nature of original House music, the new Tech House flooding the electronic dance scene and his awakened spiritual dimension ; a view confirmed by the upcoming projects released on Transmat.



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DJinxx - Transitions

DJinxx - Transitions

Djinxx emerged on the budding electronic music scene in the south of France. With house music being Djinxx's favorite playground in the beginning, he later settled into techno, which allowed him greater reign to experiment. In April 2003, Serial records released Time Out Gallery, rated record of the month by Roger Sanchez. At the same time, Djinxx collaborated on a funky jazz-house crossover double EP with Neo called 'Let's Have a Party' and released on Black Jazz records. Djinxx became one of the cofounders of Mangusta, a sister label of Black Jazz and Riviera universe (now Grosso Modo Production) which heralded his debut album, Travel Notes in June 2003. In late 2003, Djinxx started to work with New Yorker label, Undo. Spurred on by Laurent Garnier, F...U F-Com, the impeccable electro label released 'Blue Flag' in 2004. It proved to be the springboard for a producer who was only waiting to be given a chance to really show what he could do. During a year and half, Djinxx released four 12's on Undo and established himself as one of the most prolific and talented French producers around,but he refused to slow down. Chosen by Ecler to represent their latest mixing desk, the Sclat 200vs/6FX and in spring 2005, Djinxx created two labels, The Soul Monkey and Sahkatek records, to release some of his new productions.


Transmat records night live from the Rex Club!
on 29 March 2014 from 3 to 4 am.
Transmat records night live from the Rex Club!
on 29 March 2014 from 2 to 3 am.
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Patricia Gianadda:
Recorded & Mixed for Transmat Records - Detroit
Booking & Management:
Recorded & Mixed for Transmat Records - Detroit
Booking & Management:
Recorded & Mixed for Transmat Records - Detroit
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