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DJ Hughie

The Mixed Bag Show - playing from salsa to soul, with a splash of Latin & jazz

  • Latin
  • Jazz
  • Soul
  • United Kingdom
DJ Hughie
DJ Hughie..............the story so far!

DJ Hughie has a natural love of music, which he has possessed since he was a toddler. He is (just) a little bigger now, and he loves all forms of music with a melody.

Hughie has been DJing since 1981 when a friend had an emergency at a party, and had to leave to borrow a back-up amplifier after the one he was using had blown. Hughie was left to hold the fort using the underpowered household amplifier, a roll of insulation tape, a box of scratched vinyl 7" singles and 12" albums (thankfully his copy of '1000 Volts Of Holt' was in good condition), 2 very dodgy turntables, a temperamental mixer, an unsteady trestle table, and the wobbly floorboards in the rear room of a Victorian house which caused the records to jump every time someone walked into the room, let alone when people were dancing.


This gave Hughie a flavour for even more, and his music policy was, and still is to play the highest quality salsa & Latin music, but when he is called upon to do so, to play top quality classic soul, rhythm & blues, gospel, funk, jazz, rare groove, jazz-funk, two-step chillers, ska, rocksteady, fusion, world music, reggae, zouk & lovers rock.

Growing up, Hughie’s favourite genre of music was 1970's soul but at that time growing up in London during the 1970's, there was a dearth of black music to be heard on the radio unless it was Motown or Stax.

The only way to listen to the music that Hughie loved was for him to hit the few clubs that were sprouting up around London and the Home Counties including the occasional foray to the early days of the Caister soul weekender in Great Yarmouth (Suffolk UK).

The pirate radio stations of the 1980’s were playing the very best quality black music around at the time. This eventually led to Hughie having his own show on the pirate station 'Radio Horizon' and he also completed a 3 year stint presenting a hospital radio soul music show. Until recently, Hughie’s dulcet tones could be heard on the internet radio station Stage Radio Live.

Hughie had his first salsa dancing lesson during January 2001 (he wishes to thank J for that), and has been a regular dancer on the salsa scene ever since. Hughie’s first salsa DJing gig was during 2005, and he has since played at several events for major UK based salsa promoters, and has not looked back since. Hughie listens to salsa, Latin, Soul and Jazz music most of the time and would like to thank Dave Marley for the invitation to present a show on JFSR.

Hughie’s ‘Mixed Bag’ radio show can be heard each week on JFSR, and this show will include a mixture of classic soul, laid back Latin, great jazz, and super salsa music. Hughie looks forward to your company and let the party begin!



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Hello again you lovely listener,

Thie is the podcast of my 2-hour long 'Mixed Bag Show' first played on Jazz Funk Soul Radio ( on Monday 21 April 2014.

The usual selection of salsa, soul, Latin and jazz is to be heard, and if you get to listen to all or part of it, I hope that you enjoy.

DJ Hughie

More fun from the 'Mixed Bag' show first played on Jazz Funk Soul radio on Monday 07 April 2014. Enjoy the mix of salsa, soul, Latin & jazz if you listen to the podcast.

DJ Hughie


This is the podcast of my 'Mixed Bag Show' no. 134 first played live on Jazz Funk Soul Radio on Monday 31 March 2014. On this show you will hear plenty of Salsa and Soul with a Jazz classic to finish the show.

There was a minor break during the show as the server played up a bit, so the show is posted in two parts. If you listen I hope that you enjoy.

DJ Hughie


This is another great salsa and soul show first played on Jazz Funk Soul Radio ( on Monday 24 March 2014 at 10pm. On this show you will hear the very finest music from the aforementioned genres to bring a nice flavour to your ears. Enjoy if you listen.

DJ Hughie

Hello again,

I am back with another 'Mixed bag Show' which was first played on internet radio station 'Jazz Funk Soul radio' ( on Monday 17 March 2014. On this show you will hear the very best soul, salsa, Latin & jazz - with one or two other surprises thrown into the pot.

If you listen to the podcast, then I hope that you have your Cuban heel and stiletto dance shoes on - you are going to need them. If you enjoy the show, then why don't you become a follower?

DJ Hughie

Hello Peeps,

DJ Hughie - The Mixed Bag Show 131 (10.03.2014)

This is the podcast of my 2-hour internet radio show first played on 'Jazz Funk Soul Radio' ( on Monday 10 March 2014. On this show you will hear the very best soul, salsa, Latin & jazz (with a splash of other genres of music) - that is why we call it 'The Mixed Bag Show'.

If you listen to the podcast, then enjoy and become a follower of my podcast sharing this with your friends.


DJ Hughie