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CJ Art


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CJ Art
Since many years dedicated to deep & tribal, underground & mysterious, hypnotic & mystical electronic music, both as a dj and producer...
Releases for labels like: Joof Recordings, Frisky Records, Contrast Records, Bonzai Progressive, Mistique Music, Armada Music, Sudam Recordings, Distants Records, Deepsessions Recordings, Old Sql Recordings, Jetlag Digital, Underground City Music, Mestiza Records, Phatt Sounds, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Surbeats Records, Indigo Records, D&B Records, Balkan Delights, Elektrax Progressive, Carica Deep, Progrezo Records and more...



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"July's edition brings 1-hour of John 00 Fleming, featuring new singles from Moshic, John 00 Fleming, John 00 Fleming vs. Airwave, Pete McCarthey, Timewave and Nord

This months guest mix by CJ Art

Don't forget next months 100th Edition, 2-hour exclusive mix in the same vein as his BBC Radio 1 Essential mix with added production, synths, pads, samples , fx and edits."

deep & dark, hypnotic & mystical progressive journey...
deep, dark & hypnotic progressive trip...
Are you ready for long, mystical journey thru the unknown?
Close your eyes, open your mind, feel the deep vibe, let the music absorb all your senses. Driving groove will be your guide and atmospherical soundscapes will be your undying companion in this mesmerizing world of abstract forms and colors. First you will step into Stage I: Tribal & Mystical Vision, full of deep, dark and hypnotic sounds. Tribalistic voyage based on heavy basslines totally out of this world! After Stage I it will come The Hidden Bridge - secret passage, which will be preparation before the next phase of this expedition. Stage II: Drifting Out of Orbit Vision will be the time to fly away, leave the earth behind your back, time to feel the mysterious emptiness of space and to experience all what is obscure, inconceivable and intangible in real world. Try to reveal the secret of our enigmatic universe connecting your mind and soul with galactic greatness... Present is gone. Fantasy is a part of reality. We take the breaks off. We're thinking clearly yet not thinking at all. This feels right. We stop trying to control things.. We're in rhythm. Part of a movement. Heh, yeah a hang on, wtf was I just talking about???
deep & mystical progressive journey...
deep & hypnotic progressive trip...