Frequency Module "Volume 015"

  • World
  • Breaks
  • Eclectic
  • 1h 03m
The fifteenth installment in our Frequency Module series features an exclusive mix of breathtaking music from around the world by producer, vinyl collector and blogger King Fridayy.

Spanning Native America, China, Africa and the Middle East this selection forms a magnificent hour of breathtaking music superbly blended from the start to finish.

Sometimes light, at other times dark but consistently captivating, uncompromising and thought provoking.
New show is up R360 show 93: Music for Dining in Space - Side b

In the future you will be able to take a ride, probably via Virgin Galactic, to a restaurant in a Space Station orbiting earth and have dinner watching the world go by! Here is the music for that dining experience.

Thanks to everyone who has supported 7 years of R360. I hope the show has introduced you to new artists, and helped create some memories attached to the music. Please share with a friend, it's how we spread. Add us on Facebook to show your support.
15 de Junio de 2013 (Sala Metrópolis)

Fleck E.S.C LIVE 2013/4/27

  • Electro
  • Electronica
  • Breaks
  • 0h 41m
Fleck ESC recorded live on 2013/4/27 at Tokyo Electro Beat park

Download here :

electrocaïne session #056 – Funk Bast*rd

  • Hip-Hop
  • Classic
  • Breaks
  • 0h 51m
February is J Dilla month and we have none other than sunny Singaporean eclectic selector and Darker Than Wax label owner Funk Bast*rd to guest for this special tribute edition hip-hop podcast exclusively threaded together using Dilla beats and originals.

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SSD Engage - Chip Charged (Rehearsal)

  • House
  • Breaks
  • Trance
  • 0h 31m
This is the dress rehearsal for our show in Detroit tomorrow night! (5/26/13)

find our full catalog for free download at:
Malachi Trout aka The Flying Fish from Skyline Records visited Skeg recently and asked if he could play some breaks from his 7" crate. Now that is the sort of thing the Breakin Bread crew cant resist so we dug deep into our crates and went for a breaks and beats fest. From classic funk via b-boy breaks, a touch of jazz and an excursion into latin breaks they ended up in a bit of hip hop. All breaks heavy this reminds us of the early days of Breakin Bread. ENJOY!
Aja & Claire Simone

Ketch A Vibe 137

  • Jazzy
  • Soul
  • Breaks
  • 2h 01m
Welcome along once again to our latest show,this week we include brand new music from Drumagick,Audiophysical,Hi-Fly Orchestra,Youngblood Brass Band,Portformat,Genna And Jesse and some classic music from Kurt Elling And The Five Corners Quintet and much more of the usual from us two.

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Frequency Module “Volume 014”

  • Breaks
  • Electronica
  • Drum & Bass
  • 0h 44m
It is rare that we hear a mix that encapsulates everything we like about a DJ set but when he heard this one we knew we had to have it as a Guest Module for the blog.

DJINN has managed to capture the pirate radio style of DJ'ing that helped catapult the hardcore/jungle scene so rapidly back in the early nineties and also pinpoints why Reinforced was so pivitol in transforming the music and gave dnb the cutting edge and forward thinking approach we fell in love with.

Reinforced was a leader in modern fusion and production techniques and was one of the most important labels in UK dance music.

This mix illustrates why it was at the forefront of the drum and bass scene and features tracks from some of the genres most well respected names and pioneers.

The Enforcers series were limited edition 12 inch picture discs that became instantly collectible and are still in demand today.

DJINN has been a regular face on the UK underground scene for almost 10 years progressing through jungle to dubstep, she has held down two previous long-standing radio shows as well as appearing at countless events across the UK and Europe.

Highlight sets include B.LOW (Barcelona), SUBWAY (Rotterdam), FABRIC (London), TOP RANKING (Geneva), OUTLOOK FESTIVAL (Pula), DUB CITY/KNOCKOUT (Amsterdam), SYNAPSE (Charleroi), VIBRATION II (Prague), VW EXTRA FESTIVAL (Shropshire), BEATHERDER FESTIVAL (Clitheroe), BASSCAMP vs EXODUS (Manchester) and RUBBERDUB (Nottingham).