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Apparel Music

Jazzy, Deep House, Techno, Electronica, Apparel Music Ltd

  • House
  • Jazz
  • Soul
  • United Kingdom
Apparel Music
APPAREL MUSIC is an internationally distributed record label with a “Jazzy”.

APPAREL MUSIC was created in 2009 following a quest for the most diverse musical styles. The need to explore this genre arises from the idea of bringing something new to the electronic scene. The two dogs in our logo are the yin and yang, day and night, good and bad, the contrast generated by everything...but above all love. Jazz becomes a way of reconfirming the most virtuoso elements of house music while welcoming the new sounds coming through on the international scene. The label s founders decided to explore this genre that combines dance music with jazzy sounds for discerning palates, or rather ears. Indeed only jazz beats can bring a more human dynamic to cold electronic music.

APPAREL MUSIC wears only the best sound.



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Delano Smith: Apparel Music Radio Show

Delano Smith: Apparel Music Radio Show

Delano Smith's attention to programming sets that are kinetic, emotional and educational are met with a delivery of the highest class. Having been one of the original young guns personally mentored by Motown’s 1st DJ, Ken Collier, he displays skills entirely unique to this group. Having cut his teeth in a time when an aspiring DJ had to live off his wits to make the cut, his dynamic skill set has made him the real Detroit head's secret favorite. Smith's extended hiatus later in his DJ years was ended spectacularly when the Detroit Beatdown project again highlighted his talent. Teamed with Mike ‘Agent X' Clark and Norm Talley, the crew began to spread the word of Detroit to fresh audiences, in demand globally and touching down at renowned clubs such as London's Fabric en route.

On the production front, Delano stands head and shoulders above the rest in crafting alluring, forward thinking and highly danceable grooves. His productions on Third Ear, Sushitech and Still Music have taken up crate spaces with jocks looking to add the perfect blend of soul and energy to their sets. With his own imprint Mixmode debuting in 2003, it continues to release selectively soulful dance floor gems. Both behind the decks and in the studio, Delano's genre boundary defying vision of working a floor is a direct link to the beginnings of the DJ in Detroit, maintaining his integrity today, his hunger shows little sign of abating.


"Delano - Watching you play brings back so many memories!. I used to go listen to you long before I ever wanted to become a DJ. At the YWCA, Downstairs Pub with Ken. I'm following you. Keep it comin'!." - Jeff Mills

"Without Delano there would be no Derrick". - Derrick May

"Delano is the first and last of Detroit." - Chez Damier


Apparel Music Radio show is happy to present Genny G!
Gennaro Giamundo aka Genny G, was artistically born at the beginning of the 90s, performing his art in the always frantic and productive techo/house Neapolitan subculture. He starts to familiarize with the console and records since he was a teenager, choosing during this early times the path that brought his sonority to the present releases. Artistically tied to the Angels of Love, since the beginning Genny G shows to be eclectic, researched and to have a great personality in mixing records. Eclecticism is the key word in Genny G. sets: House, Techno, minimal are the bases of his musical choices, he also allows much time to the experimentation and vanguard electronic music. In the year 2007 he had an epiphany and developed a strong interest towards synthesizers and drum machine. He starts his adventure as a producer with a first release (2007) on the Qepo label with a mini EP (Disagio EP), then he had releases on Minibus, Capsula, Globox and Minisketch until the last ones on Monique Musique, Phaze, Apparel Music and Deependence. Always concentrating himself ..boards, records e console, at the moment Genny G is in his studio working at the next releases.
Kisk present "Milk Shake" mix in Apparel Music Radio show! Classic deep house and jazzy music, old and promo tracks in Kisk' bag for a fresh hour with Apparel Radio.
Kisk aka Giuseppe D'Alessandro is the owner of Apparel Music - a ‘kitchen’ of artists from all over the planet. Among the many partnerships are long-established collaborations in Russia with the duo SCSI-9 and in Germany with major artists like Lopazz, Elon, Chris Wood, Tom Clark, Ekkohaus as well as Delano Smith, Moodymanc, Domu, Tuccillo, Ali Kuru, Yapacc, Casio Casino, Sarp Yilmaz, Huxley, Lula Circus, Roy Gilles, Fog, Gavin Herlihy and the list goes on.

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Kisk present "The Summer Is Here" mix in Apparel Music Radio show! Kisk aka Giuseppe D'Alessandro is the owner of Apparel Music - a ‘kitchen’ of artists from all over the planet. Among the many partnerships are long-established collaborations in Russia with the duo SCSI-9 and in Germany with major artists like Lopazz, Elon, Chris Wood, Tom Clark, Ekkohaus as well as Delano Smith, Moodymanc, Domu, Tuccillo, Ali Kuru, Yapacc, Casio Casino, Sarp Yilmaz, Huxley, Lula Circus, Roy Gilles, Fog, Gavin Herlihy and the list goes on.
Apparel Music Radio show is happy to present Claudio Coccoluto. With over 70,0000 records collected and catalogued since the early 70's - “Goats Head Soup” by the Stones being the first one he ever bought at the tender age of nine, and an apprenticeship starting from spinning records on pirate radio stations to the all the world's most respected dance institutions, “Cocco” or “Cocodance” (as he was known until the end of the 80's) is born. Since then he has placed a significant mark within the world of electronic music under his birth name, Claudio Coccoluto, which he has used to showcase an ever growing blend of music, and confront the future as a DJ, an artist and a global communicator. Claudio Coccoluto is certainly Italy's most beloved DJ, the country's only DJ to be in the world's top 20 list of most known DJs from the public, even from those who do not frequent nightclubs. He has created soundtracks for famous parties, from the birthday of Diesel's Renzo Rosso (with whom he has always collaborated with throughout the years), to Fiorello's (one fo Italy's most famous entertainers and radio hosts), for companies like Ericsson and Valtur, Vodafone and Peroni, Seat and 3, for events such as the iconic festival of Sanremo and Futureshow, several editions of the MTV Music Awards (Milan, Dublin and Stockholm), and even fashion shows for Moschino and Prada and many other respected brands. His secret lies in his ability to play with the music in every sense of the word. Mixing skill, knowledge, passion he plays all the records he can to transduce his obsession with music into the public's mind and soul on the dance floor. Using everything from the vintage sounds of Chicago and Detroit to the ultra-modern music coming out of Europe and everything else he hears around the world, Claudio Coccoluto is never afraid of experimenting with new sounds and allowing others to be influenced by his never ending search for the next record. Acting as a mentor to any body who is in need of musical guidance and inspiration, Claudio has published over 3,000 articles in the press and his word has always been considered seriously by both his peers and the younger generations of electronic music aficionados. From television to radio programmes, his brand was exported overseas - “The Italian DJ”, his face was published in countless magazines (DjMag cover, July 97' and the new DJMag Italy in December 2011). Having had a strong link with the UK since his career took off, he has even appeared on countess radio shows for the likes of BBC1 and Kiss FM, which allowed his skill and dedication to transform into a true mastery in the art of mixing and giving the public an experience of being moved by the power of sound. The secret to his success undoubtedly lies in his passion. Passion for the music that struck a chord with him at the beginning of his journey into the world of dance music. Passion for the feeling one gets when a whole room of people is touched and transported onto one single wavelength by the strength of selection and intuition for the music; and passion for being a very part of that same feeling that is passed onto the dance floor. This is what motivates him the most – the reciprocal emotions conceived by the sharing of music. His style is personal but equally simple and universal. In his sets he dives into peoples memories, feelings and most importantly happiness, creating a harmony with oneself and whoever is there to experience his relationship with the music. Since the beginning of the 90's, his determination to create a name for himself within the music scene inevitably led him to the production studio. A new door opens for Claudio, one which leads him to discover the science of sound. His lab has always been growing and maturing. An artist who accepts both the past and future of music production, he is surrounded by all the famous analogue machines of the 80's and 90's: Emulators, 909s, 808s, Vermonas, Akais, Moogs etc, but also obsessively experiments with the latest digital softwares and the explosion of the “plug-ins”. Right from the start, he has formed relationships with new and emerging artists to work and share ideas with. 1997 is the year of 'Belo Horizonti' (produced by Basement Jaxx). Claudio's most successful piece of music, which sees a sale of over 1 million copies worldwide and a definitive appreciation by a wide range of artists and critics alike. His precipitation into the world of production led him to begin working on a new project with Savino Martino and Dino Lenny, creating a new record label – “The Dub” and a new production studio which enabled him to delve deeper into the arrangement of dance music pieces but also other aspects of sound. He collaborated with Subsonica on the production of one of the band's tracks on the critically acclaimed “Microchip Emozionale” album. In terms of creating history via the party medium, Claudio and Tina Lepre built the infamous “Angels of Love” parties from the ground up, which he worked on for five years. However, his home ground has and always will be Goa Club in Rome – Italy's best club in terms of attitude and cutting-edge musical selection, one which was certainly nurtured by DJ Giancarlino, a man with whom Claudio has had a long-running almost brotherly musical relationship with. Via a mutual synergy and vision for what the club atmosphere should contain, the two founded the Thursday nights “Ultrabeat” at the club. With a now practically cult-like following, this series of events has and still proposes the freshest and most interesting sounds within the electronic music spectrum and has been given notable attention in magazines such as “Muzic” or “The Face”. In more recent times, Claudio has dedicated more attention to his own personal night at Goa - “Nozoo”. A Saturday night event which aims to showcase a more “party-oriented” side to electronic music and inviting everyone from Kenny Larkin to Sascha Funke, with himself and resident DJ. 2012 is the year that sees Claudio rekindle his close relationship with London, the city in which he further engraved his name through the Ministry of Sound in its golden age. A recent friendship and residency with Moxa Club (Mantova) has given way to the planning of a new London project and Claudio's second coming to the English capital... It's also due to his varied interests that his career has been so multifaceted. With a collection of Apple Mac computers that dates back to the mid 80's and finishes at the latest iPhone, Claudio has always had a keen interest in all that is groundbreaking, interactive and technological. A string of interests which feed off each other. Never afraid of trying new things but also closely following specific aspects of art and culture which intrigue him – Pop art, Transavantgarde, literature, the works of Terry Gilliam, Kubrick and an eye for architecture, a subject which he studied before moving his main focus on music. From March 2001 to June 2002 he was a correspondant for “l'Espresso”, an Italian magazine dedicated to general affairs, actualities and modern culture, where he had a stable column in the nightlife section. He has subsequently been involved with “Hot” magazine and since 2003 has had a regular column there entitled “Journeys In Sound”, an in depth analysis and commentary on nightlife culture; and the Italian version of “Trax” magazine, one of the most iconic dance music platforms. Also in 2003, Claudio was called on by charismatic Italian TV presenter, Pippo Baudo, and was given the honour of being part of the jury at the 2003 edition of the festival of Sanremo – Italy's longest-running and most respected national music festival. The same year, Claudio started working on a weekly radio show on “Radio Deejay” (the Italian radio station for dance music) every Friday from 10 to midnight, entitled “C.O.C.C.O.” where he exclusively mixes live and strictly vinyl only. Technology is used solely as a means of communication and interaction between himself and the listeners. Television has also been a medium in which Claudio has appeared regularly. From the “Maurizio Constanzo Show” to “Do The Right Thing” on La7 and has even been pat of a government discussion on the laws regarding nightclubs and nightlife culture. In recent years, he has appeared in a 2008 anti-drugs film entitled “Io Non Ci Casco” (“I'm Not Falling For It”) as himself; he appears in the 2003 Paradise Garage film “Maestro”, a movie/documentary depicting the life of Larry Levan and the early days of DJing and house music; and in 2007, he wrote an autobiography - “Io, DJ” (“I, DJ”) describing his career in detail.
Apparel Music Radio show is happy to present a new Echonomist exclusive mix! It is not easy for an artist to stay creative while keeping productive. This is the main focus for Petros Manganaris (aka Echonomist) who is active since late 90's under numerous aliases. His diverse musical styles place him amongst the most prolific producers whether electronic, dance or abstract. His elaborate performances cover the whole dance spectrum meeting international acclaim and the reception for his dj sets is often welcomed with excitement. It is all about devotion to the sound and a restless quest for the groove that will make you move.
Apparel Music Radio show is happy to present Dactilar!
Barcelona-based DJ and Producer, Dactilar, began his trajectory in the late 90´s. His sets and productions radiate an elegant yet powerful sound, which flow from solid, groove techno to sophisticated and clean deep house, taking special care with arrangement, and adding a dub touch that characterizes his recognizable style. Throughout the years, he has produced and remixed tracks for labels such as Avantroots, Apparel Music, Subtract Rec, Proton Music, Orgánica Rec.,Regular and Thoughless Music. He has been remixed by Guy J (Balance Series), Pablo Bolivar and Izhevsky, among others. Alongside Vidall (aka Aphro of Pulshar), he has prepared an EP to be released in 2014, with remixes from heavyweights such as Martin Buttrich and Guti.